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Published on 2/14/2020 additional information available

Cruising Over To Huatulco

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Huatulco National Park

Tour this ecotourism haven and protected area during your visit to Huatulco, where you’ll gain a new appreciation for the preservation of the flora and fauna of the area. Spot turtles, dolphins, whales, and hundreds of other species that call the park home. Hiking, cycling, and guided van tours are just a few ways travelers like to explore the park.

Bahía San Agustín

Snorkel the clear waters or set up one of the rented hammocks for pure relaxation at Bahía San Agustín, which has long been considered one of Huatulco’s best and most beautiful beaches. A dip in the bay on a hot day is a must-do.

Parque Eco-Arqueológico Copalita

Looking to get up close with the history of the Oaxacan coast, including artifacts from the settlements of the ancient Zapotecs and Mixtecs? Luckily, there’s the Parque Eco-Arqueológico Copalita, where there is a breathtaking lookout point from the edge of a cliff in the park.

Things to Do in Huatulco

Tour a Coffee Plantation

Learn how your brew is made from start to finish, and bring some coffee beans home when you tour a coffee farm in Huatulco. There’s an abundance of coffee farms scattered around Huatulco and Oaxaca, including Las Nieves, Finca Monte Carlos, and Finca Margaritas, to name a few.

Enjoy a Mezcal Tasting

Made from the green agave plant, mezcal is the spicy older brother of tequila. Its significance to the region makes it a sippable, sophisticated drink of choice during your time in Huatulco. Many places offer tastings, and the experience will teach you about the origins of mezcal and its significance to locals.

Take a Boat Tour Along the Bays

Many opt to take a Celebrity shore excursion via catamaran that visits five of the Oaxacan bays, where whale and dolphin sightings are common. Relax in style as you take in the undeveloped beauty of the Mexican coast.

Culture & History of the Huatulco Cruise Port

The Zapotecs and Mixtecs were early inhabitants of the Oaxacan coast, which remained relatively undisturbed for hundreds of years before the area was singled out as an opportunity for tourism development in the 1980s. The Huatulco National Park was declared a UNESCO biosphere site in the 1990s to preserve the natural landscape of the area. Even though the Huatulco cruise port has developed considerably in the past 20 years, it remains one of Mexico’s underrated gems of a resort town, where the naturalness of the coast and the resistance to overdevelopment have preserved the Huatulco spirit.

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