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Published on 10/7/2019 additional information available

Missed Winners Win Training??

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Missed Winners Win Training?? The replay of Saturday's training with both Scott
and Chris is not to be missed!  Check it out , 

Take advantage of this important training (that's included in your SBA monthly fee) and be sure to watch Saturday's Winners Win Live Training by CEO Scott Tomer and S365 President Chris Cokley. Scott and Chris provide valuable training so you can #LevelUpSurge365! 

Learn how to start with the opportunity, leveraging your business, positioning people to win, prospecting vs. recruiting, identifying good recruits, setting appointments, scripts to use, and so much more - all from the Founders of Surge365! Scott recommends that you watch this training several times! 


                                                (Initial Fee: $199 License Fee plus tax where applicable | $63.54 Monthly Subscription Fee Thereafter plus tax where applicable)
(Cuota Inicial: $199 por Licencia I $63.54 Cuota de Suscripción Mensual de ahí en adelante)
                       Includes the exclusive online Vortex travel site where Vortex owners can earn Cash Rewards online 24/7/365!  Invite your family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances to your free Vortex travel site and help them save money. Vortex customers who book travel save money 85%-90% of the time! 

Vortex™ Platinum - Click here to purchase! (Haga clic aquí para comprar!)

                                           (Initial Fee: $277 License Fee plus tax where applicable | $63.54 Monthly Subscription Fee Thereafter)
(Cuota Inicial: $277 por Licencia I $63.54 Cuota de Suscripción Mensual de ahí en adelante)
                      The Vortex Platinum Membership utilizes Surge365 Dollars to deliver incredible travel savings. Surge365 Dollars is a program that allows Platinum Members to reduce the cost of hotels, car rentals, resorts and activities by as much as 70% when compared to the lowest online price. Platinum Members receive Surge365 Dollars every month they are active. It begins with an initial deposit of $10,000 (USD) Surge365 Dollars for all new Platinum Members. An additional $200 (USD) Surge365 Dollars will be deposited into the member’s account each month they remain active. Members who are active for 12 consecutive months receive a bonus deposit of $5,000 (USD) Surge365 Dollars. Think of Surge365 Dollars as a savings account for your future travel and vacation needs. Members receive tremendous value every month even if they do not travel because Surge365 Dollars continue to accumulate and they never expire. Customer support for your travel membership needs is available 7 days a week from 9am - 5pm ET.  Additionally, customer service is available 24/7 post booking. 

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