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Hello & thank you for stopping by my IBOsocial page.

I have many personal interests including genealogy, helping, history, politics, travel & mainstream technologies that impact our everyday business & personal lives.

I'm a 35-year "computer technologist" with many related professional experiences. I operate on facts first. I was working with commercial computer systems as the PC was being introduced. I've been awarded U.S. Patent, etc. Humbly speaking, "I've been around a while and have seen many trends and fads". The best thing about these experiences is the accumulated & broad exposure to many different types of businesses, markets & technologies. I'm very fortunate, particularly for a clear vision of the past, and now the future.

In 2018, I discovered Triniti Communications International and their Nuclius Live TV project. My interest in the technology was instant, yet I approached with caution & studied from all angles. In the end, my decision to "get on board" was a comfortable one. In the process, I gained a new passion. Please visit GoTriniti to learn the details.

I joined IBO, seeking serious business partners & "real opportunists", that will invest the necessary time learning about a market & products with incredibly bright futures. Take the opportunity to talk, to really focus & gain an appreciation of our vision, engineering capabilities, current & future products, mainstream consumer value & vast potentials. It may take you 30 minutes, maybe 3 hours, but it'll "sink in", and then at times, you'll be too excited to sleep. I can point to the current trend & its potential, but for it to be an opportunity for you, "you have to spend a bit of time to see what I know". Permit yourself that opportunity to truly better yourself & those most important to you.

Most recently, Google has lent us their Android TV brand because they favor our technology. We could be the next Netflix. I think that's rather significant. Do you?

Below you'll see products from Triniti, which has engineered a Live TV streaming service that will greatly disrupt the Cable & Satellite TV programming market segment. Nuclius Live TV fully replaces (and more) soon to be antiquated & increasingly expensive Cable & Satellite TV services.

It's been a long journey, starting with the idea, the engineering, a coupling with a Network Marketing strategy, and most recently a meeting of the minds & subsequent partnership with Google.

Triniti is a true Power to the People principled movement. Triniti aims to purposefully recognize & reward people whose wallets built the TV/entertainment, cable, satellite, cellular & other related industries.

Be the next-generation "Streaming TV & Wireless Communications Company" in your community. Triniti is TV, Cellular & VoIP. 5GTTP (5G Wireless Internet service to premises) is next up.

Take firm control your future & own it all with me. Thanks for your time, thoughts & consideration. My best to you!


Pictured below is our currently released Streaming TV product, the Nuclius Ursa® (fits in the palm of your hand).

Nuclius Ursa

Below (pictured) is our next-in-the-queue, yet unreleased, Streaming TV product. On the outer shell, the branding is courtesy of little company named GOOGLE; you may have heard of them. Under the hood (unpictured) is our Nuclius Nebula® technology built on the Android® TV OS, a Google operating system streamlined for powerful Video Apps.

Android TV streaming powered by Nuclius Nebula 495 Max


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