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Published on 6/22/2014 additional information available

What Really Bugs You The Most? Earn 100% Income Match with Each Referral

#Joy to Live
#things that bug you

 What Really Bugs You the Most?

  We all have issues that arise in our work-day and leisure
   activities that become great annoyances.

    If we could turn the world around and have it our way
  (which is the only acceptable way for things to go if the world were run on
     logic instead of individual emotion)
            There would be a much simpler experience for us all.

     When we think of what really bugs us there are many
                 little changes that could be easily made.
 Then things would go much more to our liking.

  Here is my list of things that can really frustrate you in everyday life.

   See what you think and what new items you could add to the list.

    Please Don't Hold Back! What are some things that Really BUG You?

               OK! Let's Air out some Grievances with the world.

       "Where else will you have this once in a lifetime opportunity?"

     So Fire at Will. (He's the guy who comes in later to get the
                                         messages that you leave in this post)

         Alright here are the Dirty Two Dozen!

     Are You Bugged By>>>> (In No Particular Order!)

1. Co-Workers or Employees who don't do their jobs
2. Public Rudeness
3. Poor service at a restaurant
4. Getting behind slow Drivers
5. No-shows for an appointment
6. Being accused of something you didn't do
7. When you find a Surprise charge on a bill
8. Persons with Body odor
9. Dogs that bark all night (and day)
10. Liars
11. Being interrupted while you are talking
12. Noisy Neighbors who play their music too loud
13. The toilet seat being left up (if you're a Female) or visa-versa For Men
14. Borrowed things not being returned
16. Waiting in line at the DMV
17. When the power goes out
18. Sitting at a red light when no cars are coming
19. When you run out of gas
20. Neighbors who don't take care of their yards
21. Dogs pooping in places where you wind up Stepping in it
22. Broken promises
24. High gas prices or High food prices
25. Just, Waiting, Period!

Did you agree with some of the items on this list?

  Perhaps you have come up with some real problems that should be
        added to my list and are searching for some honest answers.

       What about Network marketing? Could you think of some changes
that may make our businesses run smoother?
 Are YOU TIRED OF WORKING and JUST getting puny commission checks
while the money is siphoned back to the company?

 1. Broken promises
 2. Companies without any real products

 3. Head-hunters who care nothing for their referrals

  4. Infomercials full of deception

  5. Programs that are just money suckers

  6. Mathematically Impossible Pyramids

  7. Pie in the sky placebo programs that offer something for nothing schemes

  Yes! everyone affirms that they have the best plan and their's is The Number one rated home business in the World Today!. 

How many of them could be Number one? How much of that is bias and hyperbole?

 Well Joy to Live
may not number one. Not Yet!
   We do have a simple to duplicate product-driven market with what we believe
 to be the best products of their kind, a solid business backed by
industry leaders and a compensation plan that allows you to

Earn 100% matching bonuses from every
personally sponsored individual!

That is as Good As It Gets!  If you are tired of let-downs and
put-offs, lacking support, false promises then take a look at
Joy to Live and our Lifestyle enhancing product line.

The 100% Pay-plan that makes Dollars and SENSE! click link here!

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