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Published on 6/15/2014 additional information available

Did You Say Too Much Instead of Listening?

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Find out what your prospect is looking for first.

Then you will see if you have something that may help them.

Or are they just kicking tires! You can find out if you will listen.

Marketing Is about the Product. Anyone saying different is Wrong!

The next thing is can the process be duplicated by novice associates.

It has always been about Product, Process of marketing and Personnel.


(Trusted ownership and company soundness)

 Without these three your business will not last!

If you have a fair sized organization…30…40…or even more…and:

- you still aren’t making the checks that you deserve.

- you spend tons of time with your team…but they just can’t seem to take leadership…

- you feel like you are replacing people every 3 months…

You are probably going OVERBOARD with this one tactic.

And it’s destroying your long term success.

No one will tell you this in your organization…because it goes against the grain.

But it’s the truth.

So here it is: You might be talking about your opportunity TOO MUCH.

That’s right.

Call me crazy…but not until you hear me out. Then you can make up your mind for yourself.

If the number one product you talk about is your opportunity

You are selling the opportunity of making money.

And if someone has no other reason (no other pain being solved or pleasure being given) than the chance of making money…

Who do you think they will try to find for their teams? (People like them)

What do you think will happen if they don’t start making money right away? (They leave).

What do you think happens to the foundation of your business? (It crumbles).

What happens to your cash flow? (It stops).

Not good.

Your opportunity is like a pearl.   Don’t toss it in front of just anyone.

Instead…deliver your opportunity at the exact time you see the proper signs.

Deliver it to people who can’t say no because they are so ready to join.

And never have to try and keep quitters from quitting. (You won’t have any).

Find out the 3 signs that someone is actually ready for an opportunity on video #8 around the 12 minute mark…

Here is the way to get the most out of your efforts!

It is FUN to Be RICH! Click Link Here!

How serious are you about your business?

Warmest Regards and Bigger Checks :)  Tony Downs

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