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Published on 7/10/2014 additional information available

Beware of the Facebook Myth!

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Beware of the Facebook Myth!

Don't Rely on Facebook to get your sites ranked.

  There is a controversy in the use of social media that I find quite intriguing.

Social media moguls or madams seem to think that a free offering like

Facebook has a huge value in getting traffic to their sites.

  Mr. Zuckerberg at Facebook is no billionaire dummy. He knew the value of mining the information from members when he got his first members signed up at Harvard.

  He is not about to turn his gold-mine over to his rivals at Google. He has designed Facebook so it cannot be indexed by Google.

   While the Google-bot can read the
Facebook  script, it has no idea which people Liked it. When
looking at links, for example, Google is able to assign trust to the
links based on who is doing the linking.

  But when it comes to Likes,
Google is unable to assign a similar kind of "score" based on who is
doing the liking because it simply doesn't know.

  Therefore it can't determine that one page may be liked by very influential people while some are just input from "fake" Facebook profiles.

  In testing what shows up at Google they found Facebook Shares 'Inconclusive'

 They had different people share different pages, from all over. The  pages were shared about 10 times each, although some of the shares
were made by fairly high profile people in the industry, Google didn't crawl or index the shared pages.

  So according to Google it never Happened! Kind of a wasted effort.

   What does all this mean to you? Posting on Facebook is social.

   It provides no search traffic to your sites..

     Facebook is not free for nothing!

  When they are using and selling every bit of data they gain from your profile it provides tremendous leverage for their advertising sales.

  If Google tries to use Facebook's influence in their
algorithm, there doesn't seem to be any evidence that Google is using it
to discover, index, or rank any content on the web at this time.

  Facebook is not used for any SEO value to your sites. Posting there is PURELY Social!

  There is no need to
share every new piece of content on Facebook in hopes you rank higher.
Of course, Google even being the Giant that it is, there is no influence by
using Facebook strictly for SEO value.

     My Conclusion

  This doesn't mean that you cannot get benefit from interest in your threads and comments or traffic to some of your links.

  And I'm not trying to discourage people from using Facebook for marketing
purposes, because shares and updates clearly can deliver traffic and

  It's just that being a free social site, the paid advertising revenues are what makes the Zuckerbergs richer.

  Can you continue to market with your replicated sites that thousands of others are using online?  Sure you may but you will never stand out from the Pack without your own Branded url to promote what ever product lines you fancy.

Our Team Elite will get you started with the site of your Dreams

and the Hopes of your Future~

Get the Link Here Don't Rely on facebook to get you Branded

Promoting a company site just gets the company ranked not YOU!

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