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About Me

In my previous life (offline) I spent over 20 years with one company in the field of logistics. I started out as a driver and worked my way up to President, finally selling the company for the owner's family when he died. I know what it's like to start out at an entry position and work your way up the ladder.

As President of that company, the greatest job satisfaction I experienced was helping people progress as I had. Many of our branch managers around the country started out as drivers.

Spending time with these individuals and promoting from within the company resulted in an organization that worked together, was loyal and had very little turnover.

Starting over again at an entry level position, I have spent the past 10 years working with and learning from some very successful internet marketers while building relationships with people I could trust.

Today, I still find the greatest enjoyment from helping others work towards reaching their personal and financial goals.

There needs to be an effective system in place that will accommodate an increasing number of new members while ensuring early success to solidify loyalty to the business and minimize turnover.

Currently I work with a team of very successful E-commerce internet marketing entrepreneurs providing daily contact interactive training to help individuals generate cash flow quickly, while building a leveraged long term residual income from multiple income streams leading to financial security.

The comprehensive training program includes recorded video and audio presentations along with live webinars and quarterly live events.

If you are looking for the Marketing Tools and Support needed to elevate your Online Business to the next level, join us in Markethive. If you don't have an online business currently, you can start earning with Markethive's multiple income streams.

It's Free to sign up so there is nothing to lose, but there is so much to gain.

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