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Published on 3/25/2020 additional information available

The End of Capitalism As We Know it...(Part 6)

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From the beginning of time, there have consistently been periods in time when new advancements significantly altered how human societies worked.

The Invention of the cotton gin changed America

For instance, it isn’t ordinarily appreciated, however the introduction of the cotton gin (a motor applied to farming) significantly changed the textile business, and also was responsible for the ending of slavery by vastly increasing the labor efficiency.


The majority of people, do not see how certain developments like the cotton gin, shown above, will  their impact society, until its past the point of no return.

This one discovery was responsible for the creation of great wealth, however it likewise sent the American South on the way to war. While mankind benefited immensely, a huge number of individuals were left stranded in the American South, where significant poverty exists right up 'til today.

Or then again, consider what's occurred since, around 1950, when integrated circuits and transistors were introduced.

Not many individuals were aware of how transistors and the capacity to join logic gates with electricity doors would impact computing in ways nobody could have even started to conceive. Without understanding the trend (normally known as Moore's Law), and without seeing how tremendously more powerful and how vastly less expensive computers were going to alter most everything in today’s economy, it's most likely that you never took part in the greatest production of riches so far in the history of mankind.

Indeed, even Warren Buffett, arguably the top investor ever (and close friend Bill Gates), never purchased Microsoft because he couldn’t see how Moore's Law would affect the software industry and fuel Microsoft's huge, practically unimaginable rise.

The majority of people won't recall this, but Microsoft became so dominant in the late 1990s, the U.S. government interceded to break it up. Many argue that if this had not been done, Google wouldn’t exist.

That is the kind of influence and riches major tech advancements are capable of producing.

You’ll see a number of these breakthrough moments throughout history…

Such as when Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was published… or then again when Genentech first created human insulin with bacteria by using genetic engineering… or then again when Claude Shannon released The Mathematical Theory of Communication (which propelled today’s optical networking revolution)... that genuinely changed everything.

The unfortunate thing is that the majority of us never comprehend what's going on... until it's past the point of no return.

We don't see or comprehend the unseen powers that are developing, just under the surface... which, similar to a tsunami, are going to totally overpower everything that gets in the way.

On October 31, 2008 one of those breakthrough moments occurred.

Presumably you recall that time period...

2008 was the time of the U.S. mortgage crises. But there was one other event that year, which is currently making millionaires by the thousands.

Worldwide there was a monetary crises and Americans were defaulting on practically 20% of the nations home loans. In any case... 20 or 30 years from now… that monetary crises will be totally forgotten.

I realize that, most likely, that seems difficult to believe today. Yet, in all actuality, time period will always be known as when another innovation arose that changed completely everything about the way cash, banking, trade, and property rights are overseen.

On October 31, 2008, an unknown computer scientist released, in exact detail, a technique for connecting fiber optic networks and computer power to currency. He had developed a global currency with a value that would be tied directly to the power of computing, worldwide.

As a result, everything, completely everything is going to be changing.

If you believe innovation is leaving behind most Americans currently, what's coming next ought to shock you.

The ‘Digerati’ (the large network of Americans that for decades have created new tech innovations, and as a result, have become significantly wealthier)... has developed their own currency.

And furthermore, it is totally outside the control of any legislature.

The ‘Digerati’ and their new currency will, before long, leave behind everybody. Not only in America... but in every other nation... in the whole world.

This new technical innovation opens significant new paths for people and machines to collaborate and communicate. Without a doubt the result will be a complete change in how our financial system functions.

This new technology will require a completely new sort of currency and a totally new sort of ownership structure, for all important assets and resources worldwide.

This will be a lot bigger than just a basic evolutionary step in computer technology… it's termed a "hard fork", which is a change that occurs, which can never be reversed… which forever changes whole societies.

Because this change is still in its earliest stages, numerous individuals don't yet recognize the potential or future effect this innovation will create. However, the Digerati, the wealthiest and most connected business people around, definitely do...

Tycoon tech investor Marc Andreessen says:

The outcomes of this achievement are difficult to exaggerate. We're very certain that 20 years from now, we'll be discussing [this technology] the same manner in which we discuss today’s Internet.

Bill Gates offers his take in a video

Recently in a video, Bill Gates voiced something comparable:

Technical advancements are like high yield crops and vaccines that have changed the future for billions of individuals. We're right on the verge of another technology breakthrough.

Jack Ma founded China's largest tech organization (Alibaba), and he states:

[This technology] may change the world more than anyone can envision.

American film maker and broadcaster Max Keiser stated that if this technology had been around earlier, 9/11 would never have occurred.

This is the reason the wealthiest and most competitive organizations on the planet are in the process of unobtrusively starting to implement this new financial technology, even though it's not being covered yet by the mainstream media...

In May 2018, Amazon started utilizing it. In March of last year, the producers of Budweiser beer started discreetly utilizing it, and Google started utilizing it about the same time. Among the large corporations to try it out back in 2016 were Visa and Mastercard. Starbucks began trying it out around March of 2019.

The brightest and wealthiest individuals and organizations on the planet are learning all that they can and putting this new technology to the test because since it speaks to a significantly critical process that enables people and machines to collaborate, communicate and work together.

Yet, once more... since it's still in the early stages, a great many people do not yet completely perceive what's going on...

The tragic thing is, as the lights go out for so many Americans, most of those who have been abandoned will turn on one another, causing a worldwide crisis like anything our world has ever seen.

It won't be a war of nationalism, among nations and enormous militaries. It will be a war of the "Digerati", between individuals who know how to utilize this new technology, and everybody else. This fight has just started. Heed these warnings, and help other people comprehend it as well.

(Watch for: The End of Capitalism As We Know it…(Part 7)

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