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Published on 11/8/2019 additional information available

What Is The Optimist Creed?

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This is my third try at writing this post.

Years ago, Mr. Bob Proctor gave me something called "The Optimist Creed."  It's typed out on a sheet of paper, and lives on my refrigerator.  Yesterday, I started a blog explaining what it was, and then typed it in its entirety.

I got the message that I couldn't post it because it was not original content, and already appeared on the internet.  So I deleted it.  Then I typed the darn thing again, this time putting it all in quotes.  Same message.  I took it down again.

Last night when I went to bed I got to thinking about it.  Decided the third time is the charm.  I will write it again but will put the meaning of each line in my own words and see if that works.

A creed, by the way, is a set of beliefs or aims which guide someone's actions.  (Wikipedia)

The Optimists is an international organization of people who wish to live with optimism.  The group began in Kentucky close to 100 years ago.  Their creed is something that is fitting for all of us here at WA to consider.  It's called "Promise Yourself."

Following the title are 10 statements that compass the promises you will make yourself.  Here's my attempt at rewording:

To cultivate enough strength that you let nothing disturb your peace of mind.

With anyone you meet, speak to them about health, happiness and prosperity

Find that something special in each of your friends, and let them know their importance

Always look at the positive side of everything so that your optimism will come true.

Aim for the best in how you think, what you work for, and what you expect

When someone in your circle finds success, be as happy for them as you would for yourself in the same circumstances

Move past mistakes that are in the past and make greater achievements in the future

Always be cheerful, and share that cheer by smiling at all you meet

Don't criticize others, but spend your time improving yourself

Internalize these values:  be too large for worry, too noble to become angry, let strength conquer fear, and be so happy that trouble has no place in your life

There you have it...If you would like to read it the way it was originally written, go to Google and type in "The Optimist Creed."


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