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Published on 12/22/2021 additional information available

Give and You Shall Receive More in Return!

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“He who climbs highest who helps another up.” Zig Ziglar

Meaning of the Quote:

Because you are willing to help another up, in return, you receive more help which pushes you higher. So by helping others, that help expands and returns to you which enables you to climb higher to your highest height.

Discussion of the Quote:

The mere act of bending down to help another up is what enables you to raise again but higher than you were before. The one that you help up is now there to help you as well. When you help others, you receive even more help in return.

Additionally, it is in giving freely without expecting anything in return that you receive much more in reward. When you help another, that help  multiplies tenfold when it finally returns to you the initial giver. Give and you shall receive much more in return.

Final Thoughts:

When you help someone up with no expectation, it is a very selfless act of giving. Indeed, you can climb higher on your own at a much slower rate bur when you help others on your way up, you increase your chance to climb even higher with the help of others who will in turn help you to climb higher.

Moreover, by helping others that help expands as you help others along the way. However, the help you give will once again return to you  the original giver but not in the same amount, instead in a significant amount greater than the initial help. As a result,  the help you give, you will receive it again - tenfold and that will help you to climb to your highest height.

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