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Published on 8/14/2019 additional information available

What Steve has to say about Webtalk.

#What Steve has to say about Webtalk.

What Steve has to say about Webtalk.

Webtalk is a free social network that really is differentiating itself in a way that could make it huge. In fact, it's specifically addressing something that I've always felt was a problem with other networks: by controlling how you connect with other people (not only separating business from personal, but also groups within these, like prospects, friends, family, etc.), it lets you control exactly who sees your posts, who sees parts of your profile, etc.

This lets you use it as both a personal and business network without exposing the wrong content to the wrong people.

And unlike many wannabe networks, this one already has more than a million members. This is huge for its potential. And for what it's worth, Kevin Harrington (early shark from Shark Tank) is on the board.

But there is much, much more to understand about Webtalk. It has a long list of current and "coming soon" features like:

* A built-in CRM
* Dial up and down the importance of posts from different people
* Look only at posts from any specific group of people
* File storage similar to Dropbox
* The ability to customize with HTML
* Built-in stores
* Built-in reviews
* A coming payment system that can be implemented on other sites similar to **** (something YOU can profit from)
* And much more -- worth exploring posts from their founder for details.

The site is in beta, so it doesn't have everything yet, but what exists is professional. (It appears a lot like LinkedIn.)

Importantly for Affiliates:
The beta period is incredibly important for affiliates. Normally Webtalk lets anyone join for free and get paid only on their direct referrals -- 10% of any money generated by them. If they're a business and they buy advertising, you're paid 10%. If they use the store platform to sell things, you earn. If it's an individual who upgrades to a pro account or just generates revenue from ads, you're paid. 10% on everything you directly refer.

But during the beta period ... you can qualify to get paid 10% on 5 levels of referrals for life. This is incredibly big. You only need to complete 100% of your profile and maintain ONE person (direct to you) as a paid, pro account ($20/month or more) once paid accounts become available. You do NOT need a pro account yourself (although, for the sake of building unlimited contacts, I recommend it).

There's no saying what the average person will generate for you each month in a 5-level program, but there's unlimited width. So if you refer 10 FREE members who do the same, each through 5 levels ... that's a lot of people to build an income from, even if each only generates an average of one dollar. You can think through what's realistic to determine whether it's a worthwhile effort for you.

Just remember that you only benefit from ONE level of referrals after the beta period closes, and you need to meet certain qualifications for the FIVE level option.

Personal Experience Updates:

November 4, 2018: I just signed up a few days ago and so far love the features, but have written to them about a bug I've noticed in this beta period. Some of the information I entered disappears after I save things. Looking forward to that getting cleaned up. I love that I can use HTML in my profile; while it doesn't let me add something like a newsletter form, I'm able to add active links and images so far. Looking forward to exploring this further.

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