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I would like to extend A very warm welcome to all my new IBO team members & say a big thank you for visiting my IBO Social page.


Who Am I?

My name is Peter Paterson and after a long and successful career in HM Forces,  I decided to take a major gamble and change direction. I was proofreading legal and technical documents for approximately 7 years mainly for the aviation industry. I have further built on this experience by recently completing an industry standard proofreading and copy-editing course through Chapter-house, the leading home study college in this field.

After teaching myself Microsoft Access from scratch,  I wrote a database that is now used extensively by a former employer. Following a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage, from which I subsequently made a full recovery, I decided to leave the rat race and strike out on my own, using my wide knowledge of book-keeping and computer know-how, I took the major decision to set up my own business. Although this involves a great deal of hard work, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, for me, the advantages are:

I no longer commute.
My hobby of photography can be more actively pursued. My work environment, set in a tranquil country setting, is a delight. Spending more quality time with my wife and autistic son is now a reality.

What Do I Do Now?

I have been online for over 10 years and have seen a massive amount of changes in the Internet Marketing Arena.

I am a website owner, business coach, freelance writer, designer and affiliate marketer. 

No matter your business, I am ready to help you meet the needs for your business, whatever they may be. Gain inside access to all my training video's & articles.

Register and receive my business boot camp training series by clicking on either of the links below:

Tools & Resources I use:

Brand your business the correct way. View my Savvy Card. 

I drive Targeted Traffic to my online businesses, by using List Mailer Pro/

Driving targeted traffic to any website is the lifeblood of any business, whether it is a traditional bricks and mortar enterprise or an online empire, without traffic your business is dead in the water.

Where is my viral advertising coming from?

Profit Ring - More than a traffic exchange - We Bring Advertising to you

I am getting paid to advertise on other people's websites legally

What is the Best piece of advice you can give to any-one working online?

The most important advice I can give to any potential new online business owner is:

Do not believe the hype, you are not going to make 100,000 dollars overnight with no effort or work, or a minimal investment online. 
You must treat your online business like any other brick and mortar business.  You have to be willing to work hard and have a system in place.
If you would like any help or advice please feel free to contact me on social media or drop me an email. I am looking forward to working with you. 

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