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Published on 8/13/2019 additional information available

So Who Is Tynesha Renee?

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So Who Is Tynesha Renee?


Well, I'll tell you exactly who Tynesha Renee is. Tynesha Renee is me, and I was born in the late '80s in Birmingham, Alabama, where I still reside today. I am the middle and only living child of my parents. Therefore, I am a daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin niece, and friend. In addition to that, I am very skilled and highly educated. Although I've gone to several colleges over the years, I only have one degree in Network Engineering back in December of 2011.

I also enjoy many different hobbies such as reading good books, playing cards, computer as well as video games. As a matter of fact, in 2008, I went to college for Game Software Development. I would have had my bachelor's degree today. If I didn't enroll in an online college which put me into a programming class that I knew nothing about, unfortunately. 

After that, I immediately enrolled in a college here locally in Birmingham. Virginia college, which is where I earned my associate's degree in Network Engineering. Also, as of the writing of this particular article, I am still unmarried with no children.

Let'sTalk About My Career!

When it comes to my career, I didn't start in life as the typical average person does. I say that because at the time of this article, I' am thirty years old. And I've never held down a traditional nine to five job not that anything is wrong with having a job. However, being employed by someone else is something that I didn't want for myself because I saw what it did to my parents. 

We were never able to travel the world. I would go from being home with my parents to my grandparent's house. As they were helping my parents raise me because it takes a village to raise a child. It's not that I'm ungrateful or anything of the sorts. 

I wish that we had more money so that we could enjoy life more. Unfortunately, I grew up hearing my mom say all the time that she broke, disgusted, and couldn't be trusted lol. I guess that's a phrase that goes around in the black community because I've never heard anyone else say that before.

Still Talking About My Career 

Well, because of that alone and watching my parents work day in and day out just completely burnt out. I knew that working a job was not in the cards for me. I already knew that in some shape, form, or fashion that I wanted to be my own boss and call my own shots. Therefore in the summer of 2009, I got started in the home-based business industry, and I haven't looked back since.

Was everything peaches and cream? If I told you that it was then I'd be telling you a lie because it was a terrible experience. It's an experience that I don't regret for one second because in the summer of 2016 I decided. To become a professional internet & network marketing coach or if you will. A professional educator for entrepreneurs, Internet & network marketers alike. I enjoy educating and teaching people things that they didn't know before; therefore, it's both rewarding and very thrilling for me.

Why Network Marketing & How Did I Get Started?

I decided to become a part of the direct sales or the home-based business industry after watching my mom. Fail at several business ventures over the years and for some reason. I figured that I could do a better job at it than she did. Wrong! At the time, all I knew was that it was a surefire way. To become a boss and call the shots.

Therefore, my entire purpose for getting started was to build a fortune, of course, but not only that. I truly wanted to develop or create generational wealth for my future family, as I stated earlier that 2009. Is when I got my taste of the industry selling Avon. I did pretty well with that company because I had the support of my family. After that, unfortunately, things went spiraling out of control. I was confused and lost because I didn't have any more customers.

Unfortunately, I spent nine and a half years searching and seeking for help in all the wrong places. When finally in 2016, it seems like the gates of heaven finally flew open for me. Because an angel that knew this business by the back of his hand. Was sent to me and therefore I owe a lot to my angel.

Do you feel lost, and confused to the point whereas you want to throw in the towel?

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By the way, If you have any concerns or questions, comment them below!

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