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Published on 10/9/2019 additional information available

The Rockin'' News: Team Spirit Invite...

# Steven Anthony


New "Team Spirit" invite, Welcome email...

Today's featured artist:   
Gin Blossoms


...  While working on the email for the new R0CK Funnel #3 (Halloween), I decided to make just a few simple edits and also include it as the new welcome email for the "Team Spirit" invite funnel. The two email versions (team and funnel #3) are the same message in general. The differences will be that in the Share Code email version, the AIOP link will be yours, your name and your email (not your fb) and no picture of you. Where you see the picture of "me", will be replaced with the small black #RocktheBizOps logo. Also, the 3x image header of AIOP, Rock and Traffic Funnels will stay.

The subject for Team email isAccess The Training!.. (Day 1)
and below is the actual email:


Hello [[fixfirstname]],

How about you treat yourself to one of the internet's
best kept little secrets for this Halloween season??

You already know that promoting lead capture pages, 
building your own email subscriber list and pocketing
monthly recurring 100% commissions is what works...

Like this...
1. Leads go into the funnels, on your list...
2. Funnels convert leads to sign ups...
3. You get paid...
4. You email other offers to your list...
5. Leads purchase those offers...
6. You get paid... (again)
7. *Repeat steps 1 - 6

But... you also know that learning how to piece it all 
together on your own isn't easy and costs money too!

Then of course comes the part about how-to promote
those funnels (on the cheap)  and then comes what to  
share with the leads (other than the main offer) so that  
you are monetizing your list for maximum cash flow.

This might help...

Frank Lefebre, owner and admin @ On Fire To Retire
and Steven Anthony, admin @ RocktheBizOps Team
are working in co-operation to provide an advantage. 

These are two of All In One Profit's (Aiop) top affiliates
and most successful team leaders online who are both  
dedicating their skills, helping everyone who joins in...  

This is your opportunity to build that simple list that will
be 100% yours and paying 100% commissions to You!

***This special invitation includes exclusive resources  
such as member only access to Frank's resource vault   
and Frank's entire done-for-you funnels collection... 

***Plus you will be invited to join RocktheBizOps Team   
Training group on facebook, where Steve and the other  
co-admins take the time to share coaching points and 
even personalized training for the individual members.

***Plus RocktheBizOps is a Team where members can
choose to promote for other members and... Steve has 
introduced *R0CK Funnels (new designs every month) 
that are also 100% set to get you leads, referrals, etc... 

Consider this...

All In One Profits, by itself, is one of the most valuable,   
profitable and respected marketing programs online.  

When you add all of Frank's done-for-you funnels and
access to his private vault resources on top of Steve's
RocktheBizOps Team support, additional funnels, etc...

This is as done-for-you simplified as anything I've seen!

The price tag?
$10 (plus 1.50 processing)

The commissions?
100%, monthly recurring. 

The possibilities?

Step 1
Join with us in AIOP via our "team spirit" link...
*Let's be sure the next referral to join will be clicking on your link!

Step 2
Access all the details in our group:
*Be sure to list the name of your AIOP sponsor...

Step 3
I'll see you there!

Steven Anthony,  facebook
Admin & Team Leader RocktheBizOps


AIOP company's services are extremely popular with both new and 
experienced Internet marketing professionals because of the 
multitude of web tools made available for an unbelievably low price.  
Furthermore, they offer a phenomenal affiliate program from which
many of AIOP affiliates are earning full-time incomes.



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