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Starting Your Own Facebook Ad Posting Group

#Starting Your Own Facebook Ad Posting Group
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For the past several years I have been managing my own facebook ad posting group. To be perfectly honest, it has proven to be one of the most rewarding simple marketing activities I pursue on a daily basis. When starting your own facebook ad posting group, the process itself is easy enough. All you need to do is click the drop-down in your facebook profile, select “create group” and you’re on your way…

There will be certain variables that will impact the overall success and appeal of your group for both your members and for you. Choose wisely, and your new group will grow in membership numbers quickly and many of those members will share common interests in the same type of home business and same types of resources to help build their home businesses. This can be extremely advantageous for you because the members of your group (your audience) will likely be very interested in the resources (solutions) you might suggest.

As far as inviting new members to join, these 2 options make it easy:

  1. You can invite friends. When I say invite, I do mean invite. Please don’t be the person who creates a group and adds people without their consent.
  2. You can promote your group in the other ad posting groups. People will join, obviously.

What you will want to choose wisely in the very beginning will be the name of your group, the cover image for your group and if you want your group to be listed as public, closed or secret. There is no reason you would want an ad posting group to be anything but public, so list the group as public.

As for the cover image. Go for something with some “wow” value to it and is sized correctly so that it will look clear and professional. There are too many groups with ugly (really ugly) cover images that are distorted and give the impression that the group admin is either a complete amateur or has zero creativity. Neither will help you. You might want to include your blog address or other social media addresses. The images you post on facebook will be someone’s first impression of you. Do it right.

For a name, choose something that will help attract members with the interests you prefer. In my case, I am an affiliate marketer, so I want as many members with as many different interests as possible. When choosing my group name, I chose to include “post your ads” in the title. I figured that would help attract anyone and everyone and… I was right. But in your case, you might be a network marketer focused on building one organization for one Company that sells weight loss products. So you would want to include that into your group name somehow… maybe something like “Healthy Home Business Post”.

The name will become much more significant as the group matures in numbers and begins to grow organically without you inviting/promoting. There will always be people on facebook looking for specific groups within specific niches. If you want your group to help you attract specific types of members, then you need to be as specific as possible when choosing the name. It might not seem important the first day when you are inviting friends. But, it will when you are not inviting friends and you still have new members joining everyday because facebook has suggested it to them based on their own interests.

For you as group admin, you “are” the authority within your group. You have complete control over who is allowed to join your group, the content you will allow members to share (post) into the group, and ultimately, whomever you might choose to remove from the group. If you struggle with building an audience on facebook because you have very little influence, authority or popularity at this point… starting your own facebook ad posting group can help to provide you both a captive audience and the platform to maintain ongoing communication with that same audience for the longterm.

The difference between my ad posting group and most others is that I am very hands on and active within my group on a daily basis. I have always approached managing the group more as if it is a personal fan page of mine (and important to me) rather than “just another” ad posting group.

If you hope to benefit as much as possible from your efforts in managing an ad posting group, communication will be the key. I communicate using likes and comments within my ad posting group, chatting with members privately outside of the group and by sharing various posts of interest myself on a daily basis. I have received 1,000’s of friend requests and have sold countless affiliate products in recent years all because one day I decided to start a simple little ad posting group on facebook.


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