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Published on 11/20/2017 additional information available

Simple "Click" Campaigns for 2018...

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# Click Campaigns


there will come a time when you realize that the only FREE way to make the most of your time marketing on facebook (if you want any results) is to become a tough-skinned and relentless "chat" master.



First... you need to identify people to "chat" with.

Second... you need to play the "likey-likey" game.

Third... you need to "wait" for your opportunity to...

Fourth... have them tell you they're "not" interested.

Facebook isn't the place to be if you're hoping to be posting ads and having people falling over themselves to join you in Your BizOps of choice. Not unless you're as crazy as I am and willing to suffer through the haters, extremists and weirdos who insist on making it "their" business to publicly denounce anyone who has put in the years to achieve any level of success or celebrity with marketing online.


So I've recently been enjoying another extended "mental health" break away from facebook.

And what I've been experimenting with is to see what happens once I've set-up banners, text ads to show my Lead Capture Page (all #RocktheBizOps original) being advertisied on a daily basis across a network of 100 (or more) FREE Traffic Membership sites such as safelists, TE's, IBOtoolbox, banner exchanges, ad posting boards, etc...


Basically, any site that allows me to display banner/text ads (for free) until I'm on them all!!!

The reason I'm focusing on banner/text ads is that it requires a lot less "clicking" to support the campaign and the ads will remain active a lot longer per site compared to promoting a lead capture page all by itself.

This allows me to manage and maintain a massive advertising network of sites for maximum exposure in as close to a set & forget "autopilot" manner as possible. Now, don't kid yourself into thinking that running these types of ads on a handful of sites is going to produce enough views on a daily basis to move the needle, but across a network of 100+ sites it sure should.


I'll be hard at it all week again. 

Keep an eye on your inbox for the Week Two update.


Questions? Let's chat!

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Visit the blog... RocktheBizOps


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