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Published on 12/26/2018 additional information available

Of Course You Can Do This!

#Steven Anthony
# Creating Wealth Team

"Anyone who has been following me over the years here on IBO, knows that I only do... simple. That I'm just not at all interested in promising rags-to-riches fairy tale endings, or promoting any kind of automated anything. You see, I'm more the brutal honesty type. If you're struggling to make any money online, and all you have to work with is a shoe string budget, practically zero techie-savvy and not much for people skills, we need to talk..." 



Before we get too far, here's a few things to know about me:

1. I've had people who earn a lot "less" money online than I do, swear (literally & publicly) that "I" am doing everything wrong.

2. Because I dare to speak my mind, no matter who it might contradict, I've had people who are too scared to put a "real picture of themselves" online, make it a point to try and coach "me" up on the finer points of networking via social media.

3. I have a reputation (good for me, Lol) that my approach to marketing online is too much about posting ads and not enough of anything else.

But here's the truth...

4. Anyone who has ever actually "followed" me closely... still does.


Looking @ My IBO Profile, I've been online since 2012.

I'll be the first to admit, back in 2012 I was newbier than new and as you might be able to guess, I didn't even know what I didn't know at the time.

But it didn't take me too long to make a splash (for better or worse) here on IBO and then a couple of years later on Facebook too. 

What I was "best" at in those early days was dominating free traffic sites.

I don't mean dominate as-in I was spending all day everyday clicking for credits. I mean dominating as in being able to crank out simple, plain jane "friendly" offer pages that would pull opt-ins, without all day doing it.

Then I figured out which types of "make money" offers the people within that audience really wanted (price points, member advantages, etc...) and based on that data, eventually I learned how to present those offers, via email follow-ups, in a way that made sense, not "spammy" nonsense.

Until finally... we flash forward to what has taken place this past couple of years... where my "interest" is actually more about working as a Team (Team Build, per se) and less about any "1" program to promote. You see, the Team Build is about "building" rapport and trust and relationships... programs come and go, relationships stay in business!


Here's the latest ->  Click Here


Join us!


Steven A.,  Co-admin

Creating Wealth Team

You can Facebook Me Here

or call me +52 951 124 1827




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