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Published on 12/24/2018 additional information available

Not All Traffic Exchanges Are Created Equal.

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Merry Christmas Eve Day IBO'ers! ð??? â??️

It's been a while. The last couple of months have been keeping me busy as Co-admin @CreatingWealthTeam. You see, my partner Susan McCook and I introduced a simple Team Build project earlier this year. We have designed the system, strategy and team approach to convert using traffic exchanges and safelist mailers.


Needless to say, my relentless quest to optimize results for all members, requires me to personally dedicate a majority of my day-to-day marketing using those exact same advertising resources myself. It's the only way for me to be 100% confident in saying it "works"... because it works for me.


Nothing fancy, zero voodoo guru nonsense.

See how it works: Click Here


If you have any experience with learning to leverage traffic exchanges and safelist mailers (the right way)... then you already know all too well, some produce better results than others... and some are just "easier" to use.


Especially for new Team members who are not TE/Safelist savvy... I only suggest beginner "friendly" traffic sites... ones that I "like" to use myself, ones that are still "growing" in membership numbers... ones that include a more "social" experience (because it's Fun'er, Lol) and ones that are Top Rated by literraly every reputable ranking resource online.


For anyone venturing onto traffic exchanges for the very 1st time ever...

My #1 suggestion is to start with HungryforHits 100% of the time. 


Hungry For Hits free traffic exchange banner


Here's the "Pitch" (swiped right off the website)

It also comes with really good tools for tracking, making rotators and a splashpage creator - all for free!

You get a signup bonus of 1000 credits, 1000 banner impressions and 1000 text ads when you join, and you get up to 40% commissions on referral purchases and 10% of all the credits your downline earns. This site has so many more great things to offer, it's a complete advertising service.

I hope you will join me in Hungry For Hits and let it be your main source of free traffic too!


Hope it helps...


Steven A.,  Co-admin

Creating Wealth Team

You can Facebook Me Here

or call me +52 951 124 1827

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