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Published on 3/28/2019 additional information available

How To Cell Stuff... Pun Intended.

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If you have a smart phone you can certainly do smart things with it to build your business. I am no guru, but I have learned a few simple things I can do on my smart phone while away from my home computer. If you are like me working a fulltime job and part time online or you are just struggling to find time to get clicks to your ads this may help you become more flexible with your time using your smart phone.
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.Since I always have my phone .literally everywhere I go it’s get the clicks I need to .advertise my business...
Here are a few tips on using your phone for Traffic Exchanges and Safe Lists.”
  1. Set up your email on your smart phone. I recommended up to 3 email accounts. You are surely going to get a bunch of emails for your Traffic Exchanges and Safe Lists.
  2. Download Chrome or something similar that will help you use your phone just like a computer or lap top
I found this to be so simple and easy to do I wonder what took me so long to figure this out.
Ok here’s what you are probably asking yourself. How much can I do on my phone? You can do just about everything that you do on your computer to get clicks, set up your websites and solo ads, banners, text ads, etc….
Here are a few steps to use your smart phone daily for Traffic Exchanges (TE) and Safe Lists (SL).
    1. Go to your email account and in the search bar type in the name of a Traffic Exchange or Safe List. For example freeadvertisingforyou This is one of the accounts that is a combo of traffic exchanges, banners etc… Once you activate the search all the emails for freeadvertisingforyou will appear. Just scroll each email and click for credits.
    2. Download Chrome or something similar. This is where it get really interesting what you can do. You can actually get access to your accounts when you add the link to the browser. Then you can login to each of your accounts as if you are using your computer/laptop and click for credits.
    3. We use #RockTheBizOps  

Hungry For Hits free traffic exchange banner

  1. Once you login to your "Hungry for Hits" account look for a little square with 3 or 4 stripes going across it. On my phone it’s on the right side just under the banner. Click and it will open a dropdown list and you should see “Log In” Just like you would on your computer. Click it and add your user name and password.
  • Use the same steps for Safe List.


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