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Published on 3/27/2019 additional information available

Gravatar... YOUR Pic On Ad Sites!

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Today I’m going to help you get your pic included on the ad sites you use... once and for all.
It’s 2019 folks and most any Free to use ad site will allow you to uplaod an image of you (in profile, or social branding tab) on site.
And... many sites will automatically upload the pic you have associated with the email address you use, if you have an image uploaded to
1st, you need to have a pic of you saved to your computer. I’m assuming you can handle that on your own.
2nd, you will need to follow these steps for
  1. Start here @
  2. Top right, click register
  3. A form will appear asking for an email address. In this form, enter the email address you use when creating your accts. on the ad sites... (it must be a gmail). Enter it.
  4. DO NOT “click” Continue... below “Continue” you will see a 2nd option... Continue with Google... click on “that” option.
  5. A pop-up box should appear and you should see your Gmail address included, select the email address (click on it) and log-in.
  6. When you have logged-in to your email, your Gravatar acct. (free) is created immediately and you will be re-directed inside of your new acct.
  7. Now you will need to simply upload the pic you want. It can be one you have saved on your computer, or... here’s how I do it....
  8. In a new browser tab, open your FB.
  9. Go to “your” facebook.
  10. “Click” on your FB profile image to “open” Full Size.
  11. Right click on your Fb profile image... select “save as” and name it profile pic.
  12. Go back to Gravatar.
  13. Click on the option... “upload new”.
  14. Now, click on “choose file”.
  15. Your saved pics will dispaly, select the profile pic you just saved, select “open” (you should see the name of the pic “profile pic” appear on Gravatar.
  16. On Gravatar click... save.
  17. You may (or may not) have the option to “crop” the image, depending on size.
  18. Either way, click on ... “crop image”.
  19. Next page, select “G” as the rating of your image and click “set rating”.
  20. Done.
So now... finally... any ad sites you have already created an accout with using this email... should auto-populate this picture for you.
Also... you will notice you can have “multiple” email addresses in Gravatar... *hint, hint.
And... any future ad sites you sign-up for with this email, will also auto-populate the pic.
Some sites are “old school” (not many) and you need to manually add your pic. (If at all.)
But most imporatntly.... get a pic included TODAY.
I prefer to suggest a pic of YOU rather than a cat/dog or cartoon... but hey, any pic or logo is 100X better than an empty ??? profile. Lol
Steven Anthony
cell: +52 951 124 1827
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