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Published on 3/27/2019 additional information available

From the desk of Steven A., #RocktheBizOps

# #RocktheBizOps Team Build
# Steven Anthony

There is a certain "randomness" that all of us (especially me) need to be emotionally prepared for.. You've probably heard the 'ol "it's a numbers game"... right?


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Because for many members of this Team, myself included... there is not a high enough volume of daily "views" to produce a large enough sample size to "calculate" anything.

Let's not kid ourselves that "500 hits" is some real big deal.


Because of this (and it's totally ok!!) there might be one day where a member does "nothing", and yet produces "lead(s)".

Then again, there might be day(s) without even a "lead" and even though... the member is in full-on "blasting" ads mode.

Not very likely (especially blasting mailers), but it happens.

Hey... trust me. I'm not making this stuff up to "wow" you...


So, here's where many will miss the point. Those "leads" that come tomorrow or the next day... are coming from the residual effects of the ads that were sent/assigned yesterday.

And the new "paid" referral that came today... was probably an unconfirmed "lead" for 2 days.... before they confirmed.... and even though they joined/paid today.... it was because they finally opened email #10.... they've been on the "list" 15 days.

This would be completely "normal" and should be "expected".

I guess my REAL POINT here is that "nobody" is going to get "freaked out" more quickly or more often than "I" will (24/7).

*Ask any Co-admin, Lol... my "go-go" attitude isn't just for "show".

And on "one of those days".... very good (or) not so good, it is my responsibilty (for the Team's sake) to stay as "even" as possible.

Because (and again, I'm not making this stuff up.)

*Here is the #truth...

The plan (RocktheBizOps Team Build) really is rock solid.

We can literraly "see" it working, right here, almost everyday.

There is no 2nd guessing anything at this point. We Rock!!


It's NOT a "numbers" game... it's a persistence "mind game".


Human nature begs us to find an excuse. Or to NOT do the more difficult thing. And for sure... to take any/all short-cuts.

But there is no short-cut. The work we put in today is building up impact for next week. And the more we continue the building next week, will be impacting next month, etc....


The "Ads" will contiue to produce "leads" and the "leads" will continue to produce free "sign-ups" and "paid" referrals and getting those ref's (free or paid) into this "group" will result in more "paid" ref's, either from p4e into aiop... or vice-versa.

We've got this nailed down from ALL angles.

And we encourage (insist!) members promote for themselves!

That's cRaZyNeSs.

Unheard of within a Team Build.

You're welcome.

So let's all keep our eye on the prize, mainitain clear focus and WIN the "smart" way, with and for each other.

I really don't want to have someone throw in the towel here "not ever".... just so that 6 months from now I see they've joined and qiuit another "6" dealios along the way.

Starting over and over is not the solution.

The solution is way simpler.

"We" are the solution.

All of us "together".



You may not like what I have to say,
but I'll never lie to you.

Simple 1st... Keep Rockin'


Steven Anthony

cell: +52 951 124 1827

or... Facebook Me Here



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