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Published on 7/24/2018 additional information available

Be Your Own Critic, Period.

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*My 2-Cents...

Be Your Own Critic, Period. You Know If What You're Doing Is Working Or Not. And... If You've Been Marketing Online For More Than 5 Minutes, You Already Know What You Should Be Doing But Choose Not To For Whatever Reason.

What Works For The Gurus Is "Selling" YOU On What Works. But That's An Expense and NOT Making You Money.

So... Try Doing YOU Better, 1st!



I see it this way... and I am speaking specifically on Network Marketing here.

Let's say someone like Ray Higdon is getting the results a person wishes they could, and that person "likes" the way he does things. So... all they really need to do is "pay attention" to how he does things.

Sure he might have a cool capture page for example and maybe the person has no idea of how or where to learn something "techie" like that... so in that case... there are only 1,000's of youtube videos training on any specific how-to question anyone could ever have.

The purpose of this post and my point is... the sooner a person "learns" to think and act for themselves, the sooner they climb the ladder.

It's always a fear and blame thing... it's less stressful having a "mentor" because that way when things aren't working as planned... it can be "their" fault. It's a proven recipe for continual failure. Simple as that.


I'm not saying a "mentor" serves no purpose and I've had (still have) mentors too, but they're either friends or partners of mine at this point. It's never been anything costing me "extra".

In the very early years, I watched and listened and google/youtube searched (a lot) to find answers and SEE for myself how the puzzle pieces need to fit together or to HEAR how to ask/answer the right questions.

But it's the process and the trial and error that matters and doing everything with a personal style (brand) that is always consistent, *Even if the business changes.

For example... no matter what... it's pointless for me to spend too much time trying to copy/cat everything Diane Hochman says and does expecting my results to be anything like hers.


One simple reason, I'm taller. As much as we want to think that shouldn't make a difference, it does.

Uniqueness is the "secret" skill that Top Earners strive to leverage and master. While everyone else stays stuck waiting on the "next" lesson. 


Steven Anthony 

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