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Published on 10/27/2020 additional information available

What Is A Sales Qualified Lead Organic Traffic Conversion Hit Pay Load Rinse Repeat- Part:2

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A Live Education.It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This.

Let us pick up from where we left off from the first shall we!!;

Search Terms which are branded require to be optimized!

You will agree when someone is searching for your webinars or your e-books with your brand or company name they are looking for you, they are aware of you and they want more. So anyone who optimizes their pages is like the fruit that is low hanging on a tree.

Let me give you an example so there are no fuzzies around the brain. Branded search terms may be few but are worth their weight in gold. Say you find a competitor who is coming up in search for a webinar and you find there is no optimized one when you get there.

Someone increased conversions by a great percentage because he found this very same scenario and set up a landing page with all the information required.

If they are aware of you and are searching for you directly then it stands to reason if provided you give them what they require in that realm they are more likely to convert and certainly more than someone who is not.

Cajole, Nurture & Pamper

As you already probably already know all too well not everyone who is visiting your site is ready to buy. As stated previously that has nothing whatsoever to do with you i.e it is not personal.

They are in for some content and normally do not want to get serious right away it is like a date over coffee. The commitment part comes much later in the process. Just as it is there nurturing that lead over many channels is both an art and a science.

You require considering segmentation

Here what we already know or informed from more experienced members that automation tools such as Mailchimp and Active Campaign are the way to go to create audience segments.

More than half of mail marketers say that mail segmentation is the most efficient way to make your audience kept nurtured by personalizing that lead segmentation.

Me being me asked what is at their basis the answer is any data you possess.

  • Location Data
  • What kind of pages visited
  • Data showing what they have abandoned in the cart
  • Title, industry, purchase cycle data etc normally termed form capture data

So here is an example of a nurturing campaign automated through one of the above programs that keeps the attention and interest piqued!! It sends an email with a case study when prompted:

The takeaway is that when you require personalizing to make a difference these automation programs are invaluable!!

What should your Content be

We already know these in this audience are not ready to buy so the natural conclusion is to supply contend that is not in any way sales oriented to keep them interested and building up trust right?

Here again it is logical that a balance of sorts is required your audience came to you for content that informs and educates which will make them smarter, more knowledgeable and most specifically helps them. Try to provide them with that before handing them your sales pitch!!

Super simple is what double opt ins should be

In these days of bots and dodgy people you require to ensure your database is as clean as possible. Double - opt ins are the normal path. The problem is that your audience will not have the patience to double confirm your pitch.

This clever little CTA goes into your customers search box and pulls up a confirmation of the email sent.

It has a conversion rate in the eighty percent rate which was a major boost to business that sent it in terms of confirmed leads converted.

Pretty clever stuff so automation is neither to be sniffed at in terms of verification but also to ease our workloads and that has to be without doubt a bonus!! ;

Content upgrades by you need to be promoted both efficiently and proficiently

So in a perfect world the leads you spend so much effort in attracting are going to your new content upgrades. Only they will not if you do not tell them about them effectively. We require to:

  • Move higher up the page our hard worked on lead forms
  • We must astutely try to make our introductions more enticing
  • Perhaps add more alluring images and catchy phrases to our call out boxes for our new content.

Again we all know that if we get our audience on our pages we need to keep them there, so we not only need to sell them a reason to remain but also give them a reason to stay further once they have done that.

They are already or should be fixated on the content which makes our lead generation secondary and in truth more of an afterthought by many of us me included. What we should be doing making the lead generation a priority as well.

The takeaway from all of this is organic lead generation is very key to success and requires us not to look to Google needs for SEO but look equally to our needs for conversion.

There you go folks. Trust you have enjoyed this two part series one of many if you look back through my blog. Here to serve you  and would ask you to please visit my site and interact by leaving comments it would be much appreciated.

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Your thoughts and views required in the comments section below folks as that generates further insight and knowledge about the content contained above and that can only be a good thing right?

Have a great Sunday community!!;

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