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Published on 11/30/2021 additional information available

Greatness Requires Focus, Dedication and Discipline!

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Quote of the Day:

“No life ever grows great until it is focused, dedicated, disciplined.” Harry Emerson Fosdick

Meaning of the Quote:

Greatness in any form requires focus, dedication and discipline. Without these necessities, no one can achieve or maintain greatness.

Discussion of the Quote:

It is necessary to focus your energy on one thing or just a few targets. Concentrated effort can only come about with focus. When we give our energy to anything it grows and develops with time or if it is a skill - we get better with time until we become quite competent at it.

Additionally, dedication is necessary for greatness in life. With dedication, there is no wavering or straying; it involves undivided attention and steadfastness. It is giving of yourself to something or someone completely and wholeheartedly. There is no back peddling, just total dedication.

Furthermore, discipline is also a required element to achieve greatness. It is a must so that what needs to get done will get done when it should be done, no excuses. It involves consistency and persistence. Doing what you have to do when it needs to get done, no matter what.

Final Thoughts:

With focus, dedication and discipline, we can take our businesses to the next level. So just as these qualities can create personal greatness they can also create business greatness.

Therefore, we should focus when it comes to our businesses missions and directions so that they can achieve their missions and be going in the directions we have chosen for our businesses.

Also, dedication is a must. We have to give our businesses our all as well as our undivided attention so that they get the chance to grow and develop into what they are meant to be and should become.

Finally, we need to be disciplined when it comes to our businesses. What needs to get done within our businesses has to be done without delay, complaint or excuses. Doing what needs to get done every time all the time no matter what it takes.

I appreciate your time and your comments.

To our success!

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