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Published on 3/25/2020 additional information available

Do You Know The One Word You Never Want To Hear Might Surprise You!

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Do You Know The One Word You Never Want To Hear Might Surprise You!

Do you know the 1 word you never want to hear when talking with a potential client to join your business opportunity, do YOU?

Well it might come as a surprise to you…

The answer: (MAYBE)

You probably  think I was going to say that the answer is “no”?

Well, it’s not, allow me to explain further...... 

So, when you’re talking to a potential prospect for your business, you obviously want to hear “YES”. That’s how you make money right? But you know for a fact you won’t hear  the word YES every time.

If you don’t hear a YES, you actually want to hear a “NO”.

You don’t want to hear  this word “MAYBE” because that just slows you down. “MAYBES” are indecisive, they’re lukewarm, they waste your time big time lol.

MAYBES ” are not the truth. Instead, they are just a soft “NO”. “MAYBE ” comes in different forms: “I don’t know.” “I need to talk to my spouse.” “I need to think it over.” ''give me some time" and the bunch of excuses goes on and on.  You probably had many like those in your entrepreneurial career. 

When a potential prospect says “MAYBE,” say to them: “Well, it sounds to me like this is a ‘NO’.”

Don’t be afraid of “NO” folks.  Embrace the “NO” graciously. The “NO” is your friend. It saves you time and avoids frustration down the pike.

If you get a “NO,” you’re gonna learn something… you’ll learn what can make you better, what you can say differently on the next deal and learn how you can get to a  big “YES”.

Like I said, getting to a “NO” quicker saves you time to do other deals that give you a  fat “YES”.

So, you need to be a truth giver and a truth seeker in your business. For sometimes you wonder about what is life. So just be polite and direct.

Stay away from “MAYBES”.

You will be better off at the end, you will get those big Yessessss folks, so just square your shoulders, life your chin and keep ploughing through getting rid of those tire kickers. 

Hope this blog post brings some clarity to your expectation and just keep moving on. 


Sharon Naraine

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