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Published on 10/9/2019 additional information available

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World of Warcraft Classic launched for over a month, and quite a few players have achieved great success. A few weeks ago, there is someone to reach the 60-level limit, and more and more players have completed these challenges, but it is still far from stopping. As early as the release of classic wow gold the game, Blizzard announced that the entire WOW Classic will be divided into six phases. From an interview of the game director, we learned about the answers that the upcoming Phase 2 will launch this year, although the specific time has not yet determined, we need to wait only less than three months.

That being said, we will soon see many new changes in Phase 2, especially layering, which is a new system that helped WOW Classic survive the storm of the players who rushed the servers on day one. With it, a server can hold multiples of players and solve the crowding of WOW Classic servers by dividing players into different copies of the same world. Until now, we don't know how long the layering will last, even though it is just a new feature of Phase 2.

Beyond that, Dire Maul originally planned to launch as a part of WOW Classic Phase 2, but now it has been changed by Blizzard.

It was announced last week, Dire Maul was accelerated to come to WOW Classic on October 15, which is a high-level dungeon with lots of challenging quests and powerful enemies, surely, if you can defeat it successfully, you can get a lot of valuable rewards.

It is a highly anticipated return, and the players can't wait to start raid and defeat those big bosses in the dark dungeon. All along, WOW Classic is constantly bringing us surprise, and a continuous process to wait for creating the entire one, in short, remember to jump into it on October 15 when the door of Dire Maul open. The time is not certain yet, but if all goes well, that's it.

The specific content of WOW Classic Phase 2 has not been leaked to the public by now, we will keep to gather up the news about it and share with all of you.

Gold is indeed an indispensable in-game item, however, there is no trading column allowed by Blizzard in the game system. In order to deal well with it, WOW Classic gold for sale on wowclassicgp can make it easier, which can save you much time of farming. It is not cheating or breaking the rules, your account will be at any risk if you buy WOW Classic Gold through legal ways. We understand the importance of gold, so all goods we are selling are safe enough, believe it or not, you will never regret your choice.

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