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Like many of the people that have been with MLSP for a while I started in 2008 when MLSP first launched and I have been in and out of MLSP more times than I care to count ( I’ve actually lost track!)

But recently in late 2018 I planted my flag, and I’m here to stay… here’s why:
I have had my share of ups and downs online…
I’ve experienced spurts of success and lots of failure…
I had major focus problems, shiny ball syndrome and INCONSISTENCY was my middle name….
But when I stopped to reflect at the successful moments I did have….
I realized that every time I got results it was because of something
MLSP had taught me.

My problem was that I didn’t truly realize the power that 
MLSP has to help you become a real professional marketer.

MLSP is not about fly by night results. They are about helping you build a solid foundation that is built on rock ... and the biggest mistake I kept making was that I was building nothing on sand ...

So anytime a business opportunity would not work out or I decided to change direction I realized I wasn’t building anything with a long-term vision.

I wasn’t building an engaged audience or list, and I wasn’t monetizing properly on the people who said ‘No’.

MLSP doesn’t just teach you how to generate leads and make money, MLSP teaches the long-term game even if you can’t quite see it yet, and that’s the most important game to play.

They teach you how to actually build a business that will stand the test of time and that starts with Building your Brand, leading with value and giving even before you receive.

Thanks to
MLSP’s training I was finally able to breakthrough in 2018 and become the #4 Top Affiliate inside of my current network marketing company.

To date, I have sponsored 409 people in a 16 month period, by applying the B-E-S (Build, Engage, Sell) method of attraction marketing
MLSP has equipped us with and I HEAVILY leverage their Free LEAD GEN Campaigns (Thank You!!).

And have built my list to over 4500 organically...

And if that weren’t enough I am also able to pay it forward and point people to
MLSP to get the education they need and by doing that I have also created an additional stream of income through MLSP’s affiliate program.

And now I’m currently working on creating more of my own digital marketing products.

My only regret is not seeing the bigger vision sooner!

Thank you

I know it took me a lot longer than it should have but better late than never, right?!

Thank you for always being kind, supportive and generous with your trainings.

If this (short-sighted) Guy finally made it after all these years, so can YOU!

To Your Success,

Rich Coulter 

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