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Published on 3/25/2020 additional information available

What are Cyber Simulation Exercises?

#cyber range simulation

Cyber-threats treat all the companies equally, be it an IT company or a non-IT company. Data is something all the organizations tend to keep safe and away from the thieves. However, in the world of possibilities, it is also possible to hack into a company's data servers and illegally obtain the hard-earned data. Cyber threats are not only limited to data thefts. They extend to the data breach, and a complete wipeout could happen too, which is even worse than theft. What options are the organizations left within these times? To avert the crisis, we all need to be prepared for the worst, and we all should know what to do when this kind of situation arises. To predict the possible form of a cyber attack, make a simulation out of it, and try to fight it off is called a cyber security simulation exercise. 

In order to get the simulation done in the timeliest fashion, cyber security experts are hired by the organizations. These experts are responsible for analyzing the most probable cyber security threats for the particular organization and come up with a cyber range simulation that deals with those threats. A cyber range simulation prepares a company to test its incident response system in the time s a crisis. The incident response system is an automated security system that activates its defenses when any abnormality in the data flow is detected. In other words, the incident response system is one of the first doors a cyber thief has to open in order to make a breach.

Why are these cyber simulation exercises important for a company?

1. To be prepared for the worst:

A cyber breach is one of the ugliest forms of crisis any organization can go through. It is essential to be ready for each and every kind of threat out there and fight them off once you are being attacked. However, if you don't know the technicalities behind a risk, you might not be able to survive the punches. This is why a cyber simulation exercise should be conducted every month. By doing so, when the time comes, you will be prepared and ready to give it a tough time. 

2. To test how your employees react to a crisis:

By building a cyber security simulation game and involving the employees by letting them play it is really important. By this, you will make awareness about a cyber data crisis among the employees and enable them to experience the technicalities in a lighter note. It's a fact that not all employees know about cyber security and even the technicalities behind them. By making them play a cyber security simulation game, you can enhance their knowledge and make them aware of the threats your company might be facing in the future.

3. Feedback of the experts

Expert feedbacks are always crucial for any company. In a simulation exercise, the experts will give their input on your defense systems. You will then know your weak and strong areas. You can work on your defense's more vulnerable areas by empowering them.

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