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Published on 6/30/2020 additional information available

Five Things You Need to Do in Order to Age Better HBOT

While aging is inevitable, it is not an excuse to just let yourself go. While there is no true way to stop aging altogether, there are definitely some ways to make it better. For those looking to live better and go through life in the best health possible, below are five things you can do to help the process. 

Healthy Eating Habits

If you haven’t been the best at maintaining and practicing healthy eating habits, just making the smallest changes now can help improve how your body ages. Healthy eating habits also reduce risks associated with aging. 

    Eat to lose weight if you are overweight – Just a 5% loss of the total bodyweight in overweight individuals can reduce the risk for heart disease and diabetes. It also helps improve your metabolic function.

•    Consume less processed meat – Chemicals and sodium in processes meats increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Other studies have shown that high consumption of processed meats can lead to colon cancer. 

Get More Movement in Your Day

Bodies that move age better than ones planted on the couch all day long. The benefits of exercise have long been touted by experts and not just for its anti-aging benefits. 

•    Try HIIT exercises – HIIT exercises may only take 15 minutes but the benefits are life-long especially when done regularly. Studies have shown that HIIT exercises bring a change to muscles at a cellular level that reverse the effects of aging in the muscles. 

•    Light weights – Even light weights can bring about improved muscle mass and bone density. This is especially beneficial for people that are looking to age better.

Mind your Mind 

The brain is certainly not spared by the aging process. To really take care of your brain, you need to work it. 

•    Try some puzzles – The benefits of using brain exercises to help the brain stay sharp have long been touted by experts. From memory games to number puzzles, there are games to suit everyone. And they’re fun! You can also go for painting, yoga, and even meditation. 

•    Oxygen therapy – This is a process to introduce more oxygen to the body and increased blood flow to the brain. The HBOT, who offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy, state that this is one of the best ways to maintain brain health and keep it sharper as people age. 

Keep Connecting 

Whether you maintain your current connections or make new ones, keeping in contact with people can keep you healthier. These healthy relationships can also add years to your life. 

•    Work on social ties – You can volunteer, join social clubs, make new friends. Studies show that healthy social interactions are beneficial to a long and healthy life. 

•    Keep working – You may not want to work full time forever but a few tasks here and there can really help improve the aging process. 

Form Good Habits 

People do not live forever. Live your healthiest life and live longer and better. 

•    Stay out of the sun – The effects of UV rays have ling been discussed. If you can not stay out of the sun, at least use appropriate protection.

•    Take meds when prescribed – This is no time to be stubborn. If you need meds to deal with medical conditions, take them. 

Living longer is one thing, living a long and healthy life is another and takes some effort. These tips are just the beginning and may serve as a guide for those looking to age better.

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