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Published on 6/24/2017 additional information available

3 Reasons to try MLM

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So often I hear others talking about starting their own business. However there is something that stops them from going through with starting. That thing is FEAR. A lot of people have great ideas but their fear of failing is so strong that they never even try to go after executing their ideas. So I usually reccommend multi level marketing (MLM) as a starting point. Here are three reasons why I reccommend this as a starter business to get fear packed up and shipped off.

Starting any business takes some courage. The fear is still there with a MLM business but it is not as great as if a person decides to start a company from scratch. 

The first thing that should make new business owners consider MLM is: The start up cost is low

Starting in a MLM company usually cost little to nothing. There is usually a basic package that offers a new business owner all the start up tools they need to get going. However, extras are usually available for a little more money. The extras are for those new business owners who feel like they want to invest more in there starting point. The ultimate beauty part about starting with such a low cost is there is no overhead. Most MLM companies only require you to have a laptop and internet connection. How awesome is that. These are things that people usually already have, so there is no extra added expense to getting up and running.

The second thing to consider is:  Training is usually provided

Starting in MLM allows you to get trained in operating your own business. Most companies offer training to new business owners so that they can learn about the company and what they should do in order to thrive with the company. I like that the opportunity to watch and learn from others mistakes and successes is something that you can get through this avenue. It allows a new businesse owner a great way to personify something without having to create something new that may not work. This is defininetly a bonus to not having to recreate the wheel and allows a new business ownwer to connect with people they otherwise might not have access to if they were starting from scratch to build a business from their own idea.

So basically you get to meet new people, you get to receive training, and see what works and doesn't work. It's like signing up to get an education on how to be successful in business. You can't beat that.

The third thing to consider is: It's a win win situation

Is it possible to lose some money? Sure. That is the risk taken in any business. However, if you are testing the waters to see if you have what it takes to run your own business, then this is the avenue to prosper or fail in because you have nothing to lose. So what do I mean by that. Failure is a part of the process of success. If you try a MLM business and are successful then you know what works and what you as a business owner need to do in order to succeed. If you try an MLM business and fail, you know what not to do in order to be a successful business owner. This is all a learning experience and a continuing one. Because of the success and failures endured, you now have what it takes to help others. You can show them what works and what doesn't work. You are now in the position that can help the next on the fence business owner get started on their own venture. You are now able to help send fear packing.

I think these 3 reasons alone allow a person to figure out if they are willing to really put in work to be a business owner. Working for yourself is nothing like working for someone else. I think that is where the fear comes in. So try something that will help you get familiar and allow you the opprotunity to learn as you go. Fear will always be there. But give yourself the opportunity to conquer it from a differnt angle.


Final Tip: If you decide to try an MLM company make sure to do your research. Make sure it is a company that fits you and your desires. As a business owner you want to make sure that what you promote reflects you in the best light. 


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