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Published on 6/30/2017 additional information available

You're Already in Business

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More often than not people are quick to say what they can't do. I am always amazed by this because the focus seems off to me. If you focus on what you can't do, you are not allowing what you can do to shine. But aside from that, a lot of times people are wrong about what they can't do. There are tons of things that people do daily that consist of the things that people say they can't do. One of those things is business. So let me point out a few ways you are already in business

If you have a job you are in business. You had to sell your skills and negoitate a deal to get the job and pay you desire. Everyday you sell your skills to keep the job and make the money that you make. 

If you shop, you are in business. You choose which stores you want to do business with and you decide if you are willing to purchase at the price point that exist.

If you wear brands, you are in business. You are a brand ambassador for that brand. If you have ever had someone ask where did you get that and you told just helped to initiate a sale. All business.

The home you live deal.

The car you deal.

I think you are getting the picture.

Now my question to you is how many of these business deals and transactions are turning a profit for you? Do you still think you are not able to do business? 

Take a look at your daily activities and try to recognize the things you do that are connected to what you think you can't do. Sometimes what we think we can't do is just fear speaking before we even try. 

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