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Published on 7/10/2017 additional information available

Headed from Pre-Rich to Rich

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There are a lot of people who are walking around pre-rich, who want to be rich. Now while I believe we are all rich in some capacity, in this scenario I'm speaking money. There are plenty of pre-rich people that are not applying what they have to what they could have. So how do you go from pre-rich to rich...glad you asked. Here are a few tips to help enhance your riches:

1) Be Rich don't Look Rich: I know plenty of people who have expensive items because they want to look like they have money. Looking rich and being rich are not the same thing. I'm willing to bet Mark Zuckerberg is rich, dare I say wealthy. However, I don't really see him sporting name brand labels or shiny diamonds. Surely there is something else you can do with that money you are about to spend on that $1000 item.

2) Take a chance: Fear is a paralyzing thing. It stops you dead in your tracks from making the move that you wish you could/should make. Let's learn a lesson from babies shall we. They don't know how to walk. Can we all agree with that. But when they start to learn how to walk they are fascinated with the fact that they can get from one place to another. Sure they fall down, but they get right back up and get to moving. They do not allow fear to enter their state of being because their focus is movement not fear. 

3) Get Rid of Excuses: That's too much work. Well I already did bla bla bla, so why should I do this too. It's a saturated market. These are just some excuses people use to not do something. Anything worth having is worth working for. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort...say that. Don't come up with the excuses that don't amount to anything anyways. Excuses are just another way to stay stagnant. Riches don't come from non movement.

4) Make the best Investment: Invest in yourself. This is the best investment you could ever make. Investing is about gain and loss. However, investing in yourself is all about gain. No matter the risk you either learn or earn. Both are gains. It's what you do with these two gains that will allow you to have more. 

5) Each one Teach one: Once you have become rich share your wealth. There is someone out there that needs to know what you know in order to gain their own riches. Share your stories. Share your struggles. Share your successes. This will allow you to help someone else as well allow you to continue to grow.

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