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Published on 7/26/2017 additional information available

Did you leave money on the table?

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There is $500 dollars sitting on your table. It has come from all of the products you have purchased and talked to others about in the past week. It is yours for the taking. Do you leave it there or do you pick it up?

I am a firm believer that money is left on the table for two reasons. Either a decision was made by someone to leave it there or someone didn't know they were making the decision to leave it there. Let's face it, most of us leave money on the table daily. There is nothing wrong with that. Yet what if there was a way to pick up more than you leave?

We are all brand ambassadors in our own right. We purchase things and talk about our experience with others. Companies actually depend on this. However, when someone goes to make a purchase based off of our information, we have left money on the table. We didn't make any money off providing information to that customer. The company has no clue that we even had anything to do with them getting a customer. So here are a few tips on how to be a paid brand ambassador and a good one.

1) Find a company that is willing to pay you for promoting and advertising your use of their products. Affiliate marketing and network marketing are great ways to get started in this if you are just looking to start. However, there are companies that do offer up free products for your reviews and promotions as well. This step just takes figuring out what you want to promote and researching how to get paid for it.

2) Promote products that you like and actually use. Trying to promote something that you are not connected to will come off as you are not genuine. So you want to be honest about your use and make sure that you are relatable.

3) Mix in what you are doing in your daily life with the products you use. For example if you are promoting facial cleanser, show your routine for using the cleanser. If you are promoting a book, show excerpts from the book.

Today promoting brands is big money. It's not just for celebrities. It is just a matter of knowing which platform works best for you and connecting with your audience. Will you still be leaving money on the table...of course. But wouldn't it be nice to pick some of it up?

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