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Published on 11/8/2019 additional information available

Daily Net Pay - Agam -Questra Update

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Ok lets start by letting me say I have not been around much since I am still having trouble with my digestion. This is very possibility from the past intestinal infection or the infection is still alive and trying to make a come back. Either could be true. I do have some strong probiotics that I have started taking again and seem to help alot but the going will be slow. The probiotic are formulated to work in the colon, which is really down there in terms of getting good bacteria down that far. Lets just say a challenge at best.

Now I recieved an email last week sharing information on Agam -Questra that some people know as a passive income opportunity that was sold. The company that purchased Agam -Questra did finally get everything approved and only seem to be interested in using the bank Agam purchased several years ago. This would fit their operating model as a Financial Institution and give the new company added leverage in the marketplace. Now the new rumor is that is looking at taking over the passive side of the company, this is or would be for the people that have money in the program. They have applied at a bank in Singapore to do business through with the bank, of course the KYC would need to be done first, with this bank. The time line for approval is about April of 2020. Individuals that had money in the program would be able to get the KYC approved from the bank and once approved would be able to receive about 73% of the individual investment. Still a rumor but positive news at best. 

Daily Net Pay has 3 passive income opportunities now and just very recently a possible 4th. Daily Net Pay has its own FX trading program that lets you start with $20.00 per position. The position if filled when that position reaches 150%. No act time line is established but is based more on the amount of money made in the course of a week. They also trade cryptocurrency so that helps you reach the 150% faster. Of course you can purchase more shares if you wish. 

If you join the information is in the Daily Net Pay back office with 2 purchase options. Option 1 will let you purchase as many position as you can afford or would like. Option 2 give you an additional 30 days of co-op advertising, if offered. At times the advertising is not offered. 

The program is designed for some one that is retired and wants some extra income to supplement there other retirement. 

If you want more, need more then you can enter Cash FX Group. This group is FX trading with a twist and that is the trader uses some robot technology to help him make more. I guess he is good at trading anyway. The downside is that the program cost more to enter, $300.00 and the contract fills in about 53 days giving you $600.00. I am not in this one directly but did place money in with the Daily Net Pay team pool. The team pool is doing well and when we reach $20,000 some money will be paid out to individuals that want it. The big picture is $100,000 and receive daily or weekly payouts. You can join Daily Net Pay and enter this program at $50.00 per share or you can join directly and pay $300.00 or $500.00.

Then the is the Money Machine which is where you can learn to trade Binary Forex. I am not sure about how this one works since I am not in it. I have joined through the team pool and I am making money with John's FX trading and cryptocurrency shares and I have joined Cash FX Group through the Daily Net Pay share pool  starting at $50.00. 

I was about to join the Agam -Questra a couple of years ago and had some trouble with the website so I never did join. Happy about that now and I will see my first Daily Net Pay - Private Trade Share mature maybe in December. That would make give me $150.00. I will take it and reinvest it weekly. This will give me more income next year. Have a look by clicking more information at the top and hope to see you at Daily Net Pay.

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