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Published on 9/16/2019 additional information available

Using Smart Technology Makes A Difference

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The Beacons with their smart technology will send out a soft notification every 4 to 6 hours inside your chosen radius to those that have already received the broadcast. This keeps someone inside the radius all day from getting continuous broadcasting. 

The beacons also know when someone has left the radius and returned that has received a broadcast and will not retransmit. But if you should change your ad/message, it will transmit the new. If someone new should enter the radius that has not received the broadcast, then it will transmit the message.

The beacon ads are not those that continuously light up your screen when you first turn your phone on, those are just plain cell phone advertisers. The beacon ads will give you a choice to either move forward or to delete or to ignore.

The ads are distinctly different and don’t request a download on your part. Usually with the offer if you are interested in more information it will request your email and first name. Phone number is usually an option

Your immediate local radius with us can vary from 150 feet to 984 feet and that is from the location of the beacon itself. The immediate radius is perfect for those that have foot traffic nearby or a parking lot with other stores in the vicinity. If you are an Internet Marketer or a realtor the local option works well to draw attention to you.

The local option is excellent for those set up in a festival, flea market or a trade expo. One beacon will do, but I like to have 2 or 3 beacons broadcasting in the area and then one county wide.

On the county wide coverage… or 50 mile radius, your ad/message goes to all Bluetooth enabled devices. All cell phones, watch phones, tablets, laptops, desktop.  Plus over 6000 websites such as, Social Media, News Media, Games, Blogs, Search Sites, E-Mail Sites, Video Sites and more

Service Is $15 a month

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