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Published on 9/11/2019 additional information available

Is Small Business Perched For A Golden Era? Part 2

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Let’s recap a bit. If you are open to new ideas on marketing strategy, you could as a small business owner or as an Internet marketer find yourself on an open highway to success.

Many of the Giant retailers have closed and the outlook for 2019 is not a pleasant one. Now you may be thinking that because you don’t sell clothing or department store items that none of that may affect you. But, when you think of the domino effect on suppliers you may change your mind.

How can you tap into and fulfill a need or have a solution?

The consumers of today have gone digital, meaning your business should be on the digital avenue of advertising to reach them. Traditional advertising is dead and many of you are still there.

You owe yourself a good day to look at your current strategy and to study the results of what you have been using to reach out to a new customer base. Are those results satisfactory to you? If not, then it is up to you to make the changes needed.

All of ‘those customers will be going somewhere. Why not to your business? They're shopping online, so why not to your site? Many are looking for a business to start, do you have have the answer?’

With the consumers of today going digital there are plenty avenues for your business to be seen and heard.

  • Social Media

  • Blogging

  • Email Marketing

  • Video

  • Mobile

  • Proximity Marketing

  • Apps

  • QR Codes

  • Mini Websites (App)

  • IBO3  

  • Pod Casting  

Today we take a look at Facebook. They have many tools available for a business to use

Pages. With improved call-to-action buttons and new features like appointment scheduling and chat via Messenger, Facebook’s Pages can help businesses reach their goals. 

Feature your website, services and products, and more. If you’re a local business, customers can rate your business and write reviews. 

Page Insights. A valuable analytics tool for businesses that use Pages. See how many 

  • Likes you have 

  • How the number of likes changes over time 

  • Where they come from 

  • Discover the reach of your content 

  • What section of your Page people are responding to 

  • A daily breakdown of your posts Demographic info of your visitors

  • And more.

Pages Manager App. Pages Manager helps you monitor and manage your activity on multiple Pages from your mobile device. Post updates, respond to comments and private messages, and view your latest Page Insights. Available on Android and iOS.

Messenger. Messenger is Facebook’s free texting and video calling app, which now lets users make payments to each other. Facebook has made several updates to the platform to help users connect with business, including Messenger Links for Page usernames, 

Messenger Codes for scanning, and Messenger Greetings to create customizable notes that appear for users before businesses can send a message.

Canvas. Facebook’s free tool to create fast loading, immersive, and interactive content to tell stories or showcase products. Combine video, still images, and call-to-action buttons. Create multimedia ads that open up to a full screen when users click on them.'

'Power Editor. Power Editor is a tool for advertisers that operate at scale and need control of their ads, ad sets, and campaigns. Select and edit multiple ads and move across campaigns. Move between campaigns, ad sets, and ads in one click.

Ad creation tool. Create an ad, and then choose the audiences that see it by location, age, interests, and more. From a Facebook ad, people can get directions to a store, download an app, view videos, add an item to a shopping cart or take action on your website. Set a daily limit for one ad, or the total amount for a campaign.

Ads Manager. Ads Manager gives you the tools you need to manage and measure your ads. Displays the ads you’re running so you can check the performance of individual ads or ad sets to see larger trends. 

Quickly access your campaign tools, such as custom audiences, audience insights, and your campaign media, as well as Power Editor for large campaigns. Ads Manager also has a mobile app.

Page Post Engagement ads. Run an ad that gets more people seeing, liking, commenting, and sharing your Page content on Facebook. 

To create an ad, simply choose “boost your posts” as your objective and select Page Post Engagement, choose a Page you manage, and then choose the post you want to boost. 

You can also add a website address to send people to a specific page on your website, or choose a conversion pixel to track the results.

Page Like ads. Run an ad to get more people to Like your Facebook Page, to increase awareness of your page. To create an ad, select Page Likes in the ad tool, choose a Facebook Page that you want to promote, and start building your ad.

Clicks to Website ads. Create an ad to drive traffic. To send people to your website in an ad, select Clicks to Website and enter the web page address you want people to visit — your home page, a product page, or your online store.'

'App Installs and App Engagement ads. Facebook ads provide multiple options for promoting an app. To have people learn about or install your app, run an ad for your app and it appears in the News Feed for your target audience. With App Engagement, link to specific areas of your app — such as your online store or a registration page.

Event Response ads. With an Event Responses ad, create an event that customers on Facebook can add to their own Facebook calendar. Customers get reminders for your event, such as an opening or party, and you can keep track of how many people responded to your invite.

Offer Claim ads. With an Offer Claim, you can offer customer discounts and other special deals. You decide how long your offer runs, who sees it, how many people can claim it, and more. 

To create the ad, simply select “get people to claim your offer” as your campaign objective and choose Offer Claims.

Video Views. Run memorable video ads to build your brand on Facebook. To create a video ad, simply choose “get video views” for your campaign objective. When you upload your video, you can select a thumbnail for the ad that people see before your video plays.’

More Facebook Tools on the next post

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 Is Small Business Perched For A Golden Era

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