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Published on 9/25/2019 additional information available

How I Use The Silent Salesman™ App

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I have six Apps. Four of the ICANGET2 version of  The Silent Salesman™ and two of the ICANetwork versions. Three are reserved for clients as a part of their package of their service and the remaining three Apps, I use for my business, CodeBlue

App 1 is used to help new Reps, mainly in Africa, to show a business how their App would look. When a Rep starts out in Africa, most don’t have the funds to obtain an App so I provide one for them. I can do this from my desk at the office, they in turn can pull the App up to show. As they earn , they then can get their own App and duplicate what I did for them as they bring on Reps.

The App is also used for communication, training and motivation

App 2 is used for those that are either interested in buying an App or curious to see how it works and have downloaded the App to get the information that I send out. There are two versions, the actual App or the desktop version. You will see this information at the end of this PR and you can opt out at any time

Here I give a variety of information on both of the beacons and the APP, but the App is the main subject. Since the App is also a mini website, I can give out  information that I don’t write about on IBO or they may get before I release on IBO

Anyone that would use the App for their business would use it differently then what mine is used for, but the information is geared toward your use of it

Many different examples on how the Alert Page works for a variety of businesses. 

  • Restaurants 

  • Camping Gear Outlet  

  • RV Sales Dealer 

  • Churches

  • Senior Citizens for Bingo

To name a few of the examples given

This week we are looking at a couple that has a bookstore with a coffee shop, and the husband is building an MLM business. Due to layoffs is why they are now self employed

All 3 operations need more customers and so we will look at their options and come up with a strategy for them

We have also looked at the Millenials, Baby Boomers as a niche. Virtual Assistants on what they can do for. So, as you can see, a good variety

App 3 is in the process of being rebuilt for CodeBlue’s VIP Club. It was geared toward the CodeBlue Reps, but now I will combine the information on App 1 so that CodeBlue can develop a Club for it’s own growing customer base

What is the VIP Club?

We recommend to all of our businesses that buy the App to develop one for their customer base. Like a Loyal Rewards Program, the VIP Club is a bit more defined for those that belong. Special discounts, giveaways, invites to a gathering, contests etc… It is one of the best ways to retain and build your sales


There are now 3 versions of The Silent Salesman™. All three Apps are on separate platforms and function differently The 3rd version is the true business version built for those that are on the go but in need of the flexibility of having an actual office. They may have that home office but out more than in.

The Silent Salesman™ Mobile Business App, introduced two years ago, I move all three versions of The Silent Salesman™ Apps, and own the the first two versions and use them. But the third version is the ultimate version for business.

The App has many features but here are a few.

Do You Need More Than One App?

No. You don’t. 

One App, especially the latest version is all you need

I have so many because Mike G gave me most of them.

Mike G, the developer, is a mentor ,

plus it is also my line of business

Thank you for stopping by!

Micky Gramlin

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