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Published on 10/3/2019 additional information available

Digital: Starting out Right

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As Dennis Thorgesen, points out in one of his comments, demographics are an important consideration in strategy with social sites. And, he’s right. 

Many are using social media as part of their advertising strategy but  not using the sites effectively or they are ‘stretching themselves to thin’.

Trying to reach everyone is impossible. You would be more successful reaching out to your niche where the higher percentage of them are.

I am not claiming to have all of the answers on digital advertising and marketing, or that I have an easy formula for overnight success for you. Digital has many avenues that can be used and all can be a successful journey, It is just a matter of hanging out everywhere your niche hangs out.

But the truth is, that unless you are a with a Franchise, there is no cookie cutter, one plan for all. Success with Digital is an assortment of tools that you create for your strategy and then like a winning team, you bring what works into the fold.

It is a learning process, but Digital is not just a phase. It will be around for a long time and beating your competitor to the draw is the most important reason for turning to Digital now. 

Once loyalty is in place with someone else, it will be nearly impossible to tap into their customer base unless you have a large amount of money for advertising and offer large discounts.  

Digital is in its infancy in many ways and there are those waiting to take advantage of your trust in them. Their specialty is in convincing you that they do have all of the answers and their price is a justifiable expense for your business to pay. 

What’s the catch? 


For example, QR Codes are important in a ‘true’ digital advertising/marketing campaign. One company offers FREE QR Codes. You can make them colorful and you can even add your logo to the QR Codes. 

You end up with an outstanding Code that is free and unique and you can’t wait to get those Codes out to the public as part of your branding. And so you post them everywhere and tell everyone about your discovery.

But what this company does not make clear to you is that you are on a FREE TRIAL basis only. After giving you the time to distribute those Codes and perhaps having success, you receive an email announcing that your FREE TRIAL is ending. 

You are given the price of their services. The choices are unreasonably expensive for their service and so you decide not to sign up.

The next email arrives …  “ We are sorry to see you go. All of your QR Codes have now been suspended and can no longer be used. To continue the use of your QR Codes, please choose a monthly plan” In the end, those QR Codes were not free and not for you to keep

What’s The Catch? You.

This is a true story. I signed up for the codes, but used 

them sparingly and not for a client. I am use to 

companies taking advantage of those that do not read the fine print. 

But, what if I had used them for a client? 

How would I explain what happened? 

To save face, many would sign up and pay the price 

so the QR Codes would be good. 

Some of you will say, ‘That you get what you pay for,’ but that way of thinking went out with traditional advertising because Digital is either free or low cost. 

More on using Digital with demographics for social media is coming

Thank you for stopping by!

Micky Gramlin

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