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Published on 10/6/2019 additional information available

Best Of The Best

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I am proud to announce that IBO’er, Wanda K Robinson has come on board CodeBlue For Business as a full partner. Wanda and I first worked together with the ICANGET2 App almost 4 years ago. We have developed a good working relationship and a solid friendship along the way

1894.9 miles may separate us, but after a month with the help of technology, we are gaining a foothold and slipping into business as usual mode. This is a first for us both and we weren't too sure about what our titles should be. The title, publicly, Co Owners didn’t fit … even though that is what we are.

Our plans are to be hands on and involved with daily operations and training, so we agreed on - Wanda, Director of Operations - Beacon Division and Myself, Director of Operations - APP Division. What is good is that when needed our responsibilities can overlap when called upon.

Both tools are great for lead generation. Gaining new customers for our clients, then retaining those customers. Every business needs customers and lead generation can be very expensive, We offer an alternative to that expense at one tool’s cost at 50 cents a day and the other tool at 54 cents a day.  We use them ourselves.

We both realize that digital advertising is new to most. Although easy to use, both tools do not appear to be that way and so we offer to guide you through the learning curve and remain until you are comfortable. No additional charge for this.

With the App, there is a slight difference in the 3 versions that we offer. On the 3rd version, our most popular App, you get a personal Rep thru the Silent Salesman Headquarters. They build an App for you and guide you on the use. But we stand ready to assist with marketing tips and tips on using the Alert Page.

All of our Apps are from the same developer, Michael T. Glaspie. Mike G has been involved with the Internet since the beginning of it’s debut as a personal tool. Using smartphone technology he can keep the price down for the entrepreneur, MLM organizations and for small business. The App is also tax deductible when used as an advertising tool.

At CodeBlue For Business, we sell only the Genusity Line of beacons. We believe Genusity offers the best quality when it comes to beacons and at an affordable price. Genusity owns their own broadcasting network. (GAN) With guaranteed views it is an important key that your ad will be shown 24/7 365 days a year.

If you want the best in customer service, then Wanda is the perfect candidate. She is on the ball, innovative, knows the products and will do you right. 

It is with great gratitude and pleasure that I welcome the best of the best, 

Wanda K Robinson

Thank you for stopping by!

Micky Gramlin

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