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Published on 11/12/2019 additional information available

A Marketing Tool Like No Other

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‘The average person will spend 5 years and 4 months of their lives on social media.

Apps take up almost 20% of media time.

Mobile Apps are now the main source of entertainment.’

The monthly hour total on Apps shows that all demographics use an App - with even the over 65 age group just over 90 minutes a day.

The above is important information for your marketing strategy

Notice the percentages on the preferred devices. This tells you where your niche is and how to reach them

How else can you get a 51% referral rate?

With half of your current customers telling others about your business, how do you think it will impact your bottom line?

Yes, Gaming Apps are number one when it comes to downloading Apps and account for 80% of the revenue - but that percentage is dropping.

The Most Frequently Downloaded Apps Are

Social Media 39%

Gaming 10%

Messaging Apps 10%

The Most Apps Used Are

Facebook 223 Billion

YouTube 1.9 Billion

Instagram 1.0 Billion

‘60% Of Social Media Time Is Spent Using A Mobile Device

30% Of All Time Spent Is Devoted To Social Media’

When Are Users On Social Media?

If you advertise on social media, depending on your niche, consider your timing. Also, consider running ads in cities that never sleep

Does a business really need an App?

Here are 10 good reasons to consider having an App for your business

1  You can promote your products or services much easier

2  You can connect and engage with your customers 

3  You can promote certain products to your subscribers or put items on sale. run specials. These actions will increase your sales

4  Having an app creates a positive image for your business

5  Your customer base will expand

6  Allows your customers to give you faster feedback

7  ROI returns

8  An automatic list builder

9  One of the best ways to build loyalty

10 It’s a marketing tool like no other

In conclusion: 24% of marketers plan to add Apps to their marketing content strategy this coming year, If you are you one of those still sitting on the fence about adding an App to your marketing strategy, you’re losing both money and customers.

CodeBlue For Business offers an App with a mini website and an Alert Page for a one-time payment of just under a $1000 that includes 5-year hosting. In other words, no ongoing monthly expenses and with no upgrades.  Click for more information

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