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A Blessing Or A Curse? (Mindset)

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Okay. I really do try to live a normal life … but for some reason it just doesn’t happen with me. But … I am here to tell you that I am done with near death experiences. Enough is enough. Two in the last 6 months is plenty for me.

Tornadoes, car accidents, motorcycle accidents. I’ve been chased with screwdrivers, hammers and angry people. I’ve had to outsmart and lose people following me because I helped who they were abusing get away from them. And, I have dealt with dangerous situations where even the police left me stranded. Life?

But … I’m not complaining (Mindset)

I called an ambulance and they start an IV. It seems normal to me. I remember arriving and being wheeled into emergency and being placed in a room in front of the nurses station. Another IV started. It all still seems normal to me.

But it wasn’t. 

I came to for just a moment while they were literally running with me in my bed down the halls of the hospital. I heard someone yell, ‘Stat! Stat! ICU’ All I could say was ‘Damn’ and I was gone

There was no big moment. No music. No gates. No blinding light and no one to greet me. I was in twilight with a million stars. My thoughts seemed scattered, lazily drifting around me. 

Then pain as I quietly made my entry back into my life. I kept my eyes closed as I told them to stop and they did. I don’t know why … but I did not want to see. 

‘You are in ICU. We need to call your family. Who do you want us to call? Your oxygen level is to low. Stay on your back. We need to call your family. Keep your mask on. You are in ICU. Who do you want us to call?’

Without an answer I closed my eyes and went to sleep for 2 days

Just before I was released, my nurse told me what happened. The IV’s they had given me put my body in fluid overload which caused my oxygen level to crash. A powerful CPAP machine kept me alive. 

So, add hospitals to the list.

Just another day of what’s normal for me. Where’s my laptop?

Thank you for stopping by!

Micky Gramlin

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