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Published on 6/25/2012 additional information available

The POWER of a Dream. (it worked!)

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The POWER of a Dream. (it worked!) I wanted to share David Wood's “I had a dream” with you, because it's so flippin Powerful! When I got started marketing my business online, I had LITERALLY nothing to begin. I lived in a van. I didn't have the money to start. I didn't have a computer. I had to BORROW money from my Mom to get started. I had about SIX YEARS of failure as my 'credibility' to start recruiting and selling... ...ALL of the factors that you would say were 'necessary' to succeed LITERALLY did not exist in my life. I did have one thing, though... ...I had a dream. I had a dream, where I would fill a room of people, screaming... ...because they had never made so much money in their lives. I had a dream... ...where I would walk in the hot sand on the beaches of Costa Rica... ...making money on autopilot. I had a dream... ...and I KNEW that I would have an ARMY of people creating more success, faster than they ever had in their life... ...I HAVE a dream... STILL: It's just bigger. The beauty? IT WORKED. Click HERE and see what just happened. It worked for me. I HAVE a dream. I have a dream, where one day, we will have an ARMY - a room, of more than 15,000 people, ALL earning more than $10,000 a month. I HAVE a dream. And one day, I will stand in a room,and it will be FILLED with those that the world has cast aside - yet they will be HERE, with me,more powerful than the business leaders in suits and ties, more powerful than the guru's, and MORE POWERFUL than the 'launches' and the mega giants - who are here to ENSLAVE the people. And one day, this vision will spread to all the nations of the earth... ...with... ...or without you. Are you 'All in?' They laughed. They scorned. Yet we got back up - and here we are - in a room full of people... ..screaming: "Don't Be A Wussy..." Do it. You ready? See it for yourself, here - IT WORKED! Your Partner In Success, ~ Marty Misner Empower Network Founding Member P.S. Discover The Power Of One, One TEAM, One DREAM, One PLAN!! Lock Arms With Us In This Life Changing Opportunity! Join The Only Team That builds Your Business On Autopilot! Act NOW!! Repost of my FB Note: The POWER of a Dream. (it worked!)

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