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Published on 6/29/2012 additional information available

How to Live Your Dream NOW... not later, there is no later

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Do you want to create more FREEDOM in your life by cutting out the BS of society and even the BS and DRAMA inside this very industry? That is EXACTLY why I promote Empower Network Period, END OF STORY. I just got SICK of the BS and DRAMA of the "goo-roos" and all their stupid info product rehash launches and talking down to people and empty webinars full of hot air and no specific content... Here's an email from David Wood explaining the beauty of why we are so different in Empower Network... LISTEN: ----------------------------------------- Hey Freedom Fighter, One thing that's different about Empower Network... ...we're not here to be another 'me too' company. We're not trying to be the next 'GLOBAL GIANT COMPANY'. We're not trying to create the next 'flash in the pan energy drink"' either. We want the most free, abundant people that exist in the entire history of the Direct Sales industry. To do that, our message has to be different than the rest of the profession. We have to speak FREEDOM, truth, and abundance in everything we do. Here's “THE” blog post, about not only why it's powerful to live your dream - this is about why you MUST live your dream, NOW. This is our message - we are a people of freedom. Check it out: "How To Live Your Dream NOW, and Why you NEED" to... Here's the thing: Justin Verrengia (as an example) used to be slaving on things he didn't enjoy all day and night. He cut it out, his work time is now down to less than 2 hours a day and last month (for the first time ever) his total internet income went over $10,000. Less work. More money. There is a formula to making that happen. You can do it, TOO. Read this ('like' the post, too :) "How To Live Your Dream NOW, and Why you NEED to... Join me here and I'll See you on the beaches of the world! Your Partner In Success, ~ Marty Misner Empower Network Founding Member P. S. And if you're already ALL IN... then use this Killer CPA offer to fund your Marketing Budget so that you can start CRUSHING IT. is pure magic, you need to add it to what you do with Empower... simple. Powerful! Seriously. Don't wait. Repost from Facebook:

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