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Published on 9/30/2012 additional information available

Have You Burned That Bridge – Are you “All In”?

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Have You Burned That Bridge - Are you “All In”? Burning Bridges is an expression synonymous to the “Point of no return”. We’ve all heard the expression “Don’t burn your bridges behind you,” which comes from military strategy. It means one should always leave a way to retreat when going into battle. But this practice is actually harmful when it comes to your online business because it leaves you a way of escape, produces a low level of commitment and sets you up for failure. Are you truly “All In” or are you going to quit in 30 days, 60 days or tomorrow? …Most people who have had success were right on the brink of quitting, but they kept going and finally had success. It all comes down to burning those bridges that are holding you back and making a Decision to get “All In” and never quit! Now is the time my friend… Take Charge, Take Responsibility, Burn Your Bridges and Never Quit on Yourself or Your Dreams. Watch this powerful message today! So burning bridges is a good thing for those of us that want to become wildly successful because we will be able to tap into our full potential, producing within us a level of commitment that we will never quit or give up but move forward towards our goal with laser focus. My Question to you… Have You Burned That Bridge – Are you “All In”? …or are you going to stay stuck where you are right now and hope for things to get better? …or are you going to make a DECISION to take action today by lighting that match and burning those bridges so that you can change the results you are generating by locking arms with our team and start building an online empire? The choice is yours my friend… If you are ready to make a change and start creating some results in your life… Click Here: and find out how to start creating leverage in your life by partnering with me in a proven system that creates massive results. Watch this video: Burn Your Bridge by Charlie Harary How to tap into your potential. If you want to succeed in life you have to make sure there is no choice, fall back position, no one to bail you out. You have to burn the bridges behind the things you want to accomplish, putting your self in a position where you are forced to grow to change to achieve beyond what you are doing to what you are capable of doing. WHY… because then and only then can you tap into that infinite soul and find the strength, brains, creativity willpower and guts you always had but never accessed. Scared you are taking on to much and you’ll fail? You may, but that feeling of fear, is exactly what you need to succeed. You see we all feel fear, its the bridges burning behind me feeling unfortunately most of us let that fear hold us back. Successful people feel that fear to but they don’t let it stop them. WHY… because to them it pales in comparison to a greater fear, the fear of not knowing what they could of been. In your life… Be Great, Take Charge, Take Responsibility, Burn Your Bridges and Never Quit on Yourself or Your Dreams. Don’t Settle for anything less. …. If you have enjoyed and gained value from this post please ‘ like, comment & share” this page if you want more content like this. …. Your Partner In Success, ~Marty Misner Skype: AskMarty Friend me on Facebook Visit my Facebook page Simple and Easy Wealth Creation to get valuable proven duplicatable methods, tips, training, tools and systems to put your business on the fast track. .... P.S. Normal People All Over The World Are Cashing In Big Time With This Right Here! Click Here To Join The Revolution! .... If you like this post on Have You Burned That Bridge – Are you “All In” retweet and comment please! Feel free to ask any questions you might have because, working together, we can make incredible things happen. …. Join Us Each Weekday Morning At 9:00 AM EST For The “Think And Grow Rich” Mindset Call. 712-432-0900 Access Code: 565762# Skype Dial In: Add: freeconferencing.7124320990 as a contact Replay Number: 712-432-0990 (usually up for about 12 hours after call) …. Here's where you can read the original post: Have You Burned That Bridge – Are you “All In”? | Marty Misner's Empower Network Blog ....

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