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Keeping Our Minds Open to New Possibilities

You always find opportunities if you are prepared to look. Work, home, fun, life with our children - all will show you something new at different times. Once you start to think about it, you'll realise that there are all sorts of options out there. The task is to challenge your own thinking by introducing something new. You will soon find that your mind speeds up and the new ideas and events will seem worth the effort.

Focusing on our core talent is primarily about opening our minds and owning up to this talent. It can be challenging but we need to focus on what we do really well. A good way to start would be to ponder on that core talent to understand it fully which could be quite surprising. Also to review our present daily activities and consider how we can use this core talent more effectively from day to day and why this talent can enable us to take on certain tasks. This way of thinking keeps your talent in the forefront of your mind. You will be surprised  at how much opportunity you begin to see once your mind is on side. 

There is a whole world out there of new ideas, worthwhile information and established knowledge and advice. So keep your mind open to new learning for the interest and possibilities it can bring you. 

"When opportunity knocks at your door, invite her in. She is a close friend of success"

Opportunity doesn't knock for those who believe they know it all. Be open-minded and flexible, recognising that there is more to learn. You know the phrase, 'If you don't use it, you'll lose it'. So keep your mind as active as you can. Knowing where to start can be a little difficult but listen to what other people are talking about and follow your senses. This is another example of letting life lead you to new possibilities and ideas, having a taste and making a choice.

We Make a Living by What We Get but We Make a Life by What We Give..... 


Please excuse me for using the following quote once again, I just happen to like it and it is so true to life.....


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