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Hi I'm a United states Army Veteran,I served both here in the US,7th Div.2nd17th inf. and Europe 37th Grp.28th Battalion 109 trans.Co ,after my time in the military I continued to work for the Federal Gov. I worked more than half my life as a civil servant. I started working online in 2013 and I prefer affiliate marketing. My goal is to remain debt free and help as many other's as I can become debt free and financially better off than they are working a daily 9 to 5 struggling to make ends meet.Financial Independence can be achieved working from the comfort of your home or on your cell phone or tablet while away. Internet Marketing is not for everyone,nor is it as easy as many people in this industry would have you believe,but it is possible to make your dreams come true as one can achieve massive wealth however it is not going to happen overnight for the majority of the people that choose to work online. I use certain programs,tools,and strategies to earn money online,I also have a few secret weapons to ensure success.......... 

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