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Published on 7/6/2020 additional information available

Markethive Update!

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Markethive Update!

Markethive has pierced the 5000 ceiling (again) with Alexa ranking us at 4,988. Markethive is a vision. You will always here me give our Lord (The God of Abraham) 100% of the glory for Markethive. Markethive is a service to lift up the masses with the most powerful Inbound Marketing platform. Markethive is a sanctuary to the millions who struggle. Markethive is just getting started. People have been making money with Markethive for years. Savings from tools that elsewhere would cost you a lot of money. Income from the traffic and marketing tools enhancing their affiliate. referral and MLM offers. And now real income from selling our just launched BIX.

Our stats are higher than any MLM has ever achieved. Higher than 95% of affiliates and referrals and higher than 99% of all crypto tech sites. We are positioning so when we do launch our wallets, the pursuit of more coin will be greater than the dumping them. This is being accomplished by the delivery of our money machines, one of the core promises of an Entrepreneur One account.

The value of our Impressions will skyrocket. Just give it time. In anticipation of launching our "Markethive" BIX campaign, I am building a series of Media (PDF) packages so the Ee1s who wish to reach out to the other systems have the appropriate tools to do so. BIX has launched from basic BETA into the "fitting" stage as we gain traction.

Here is a page from one of the Media packages I am working on. Noting the stats are stellar on all aspects. Stats no MLM will ever achieve. Stats 99% of all other systems will never achieve and our stats continue to rise.

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