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Hello, thanks for checking us out! (This is A Draft and currently being edited)

Our story, 
I am Johnny, and right next to me is my partner and motivator Christine. We reside in New Zealand and have lived life for, lets say long enough to obtain a vast array of online knowledge and real time experiences that we want to pass on. We currently work with people who are ready willing and able to work online who are passionate about profiting using the internet.

Why we are here?   

We are interested in and are looking for systems to help us increase our On Line Earnings. We crave new information that may or will improve our chances of increasing our already existing income. We are always looking to expand  our current business portfolio and seek friendships with online entrepreneurs who are prepared to work with and help us achieve. We acknowledge and accept the fact that everyone who will read this are here to do the same and that's OK! because you are who we wish to get to know you. 

You might also be interested to learn new stuff that might give you an unfair advantage with what you are currently doing online. Perhaps you are building teams for your Network Marketing company or have just started out on line, we don't know as we have not yet been formally introduced 

So! Here we are; way back in 1977


Christine and I have one objective in writing this and that is to meet and break bread with like minded entrepreneurs in this forum who are interested in helping people and are willing to begin building a relationship that could in the future help each other with achieving personal goals and targets. We will given the right environment share and possible partner up with the right people remembering that Christine and I are here to help as much as we are seeking the same help. 

Are we here to make money? 

You bet ya!, however our main focus is to find like minded people who want to achieve their dreams and aspirations and are willing to communicate, willing to make the time to help others and who are willing to share stories of current experiences of success's or lack of while we get to know each other. 

Like any relationship, talking and listening /reading and being open minded while building trust is paramount. 

So How does That Make Money

Achieving a solid relationship does not happen instantly, it takes time and will potentially attract other like minded people into our lives who have the same mindset, drive and a plan who may share new and existing knowledge none of us have learned yet, imagine being one of the first to get involved in the next big thing before everyone else because built a solid relationship with a the next Bill Gates!

The missing links 

In most offers currently online there is the lack of relationship building, not having realistic goals, not setting achievable time frames and the lack of true commitment to do the work.

"get in first, get rich quick"  offers are limited to the first movers and are generally over night type offers. We are not interested in short term programs that sell promises of fast cars massive houses or instant wealth. Those things are what "our dreams are" The majority of online success stories are designed to attract you and I and that works when done right. Understand that there's nothing wrong with dreaming and nothing wrong with wanting to make money fast but, if some one sells you their dream then the reality is you will have to sell  "YOUR DREAMS" to others. 

Most here already know what they want, some are also willing to work hard for what they want and would be willing to help others to help them selves achieve their dreams. Then there are others who sell you their dream and simply let the dreamers do all the selling...see?

We believe that to succeed and achieve Christine and I need to work hard and turn other peoples dreams into reality before we can live the dream and that's our focus.  

We are willing to share what has worked for Christine and I for over 7 years and is currently realizing exponential growth for our team. I have made some extremely serious commission on line because I have worked for it every day and continue to do so while building on what I do around those who have joined us in that time. We do stuff to make it happen for them now because our foundations are rock solid. We have coached people who have done the same and are now helping others who join them and working tirelessly everyday. 

I have reinvested money back into my team knowing full well that without helping people achieve even the smallest of goals is fatal for any genuine entrepreneurial partnership and that includes IBO.  I have moved to learning about IBO so that I can implement and achieve my next set of goals to improve on what I have already achieved online by building a successful team on this platform in the not so distant future.

If you would like to talk or have a similar mindset and realistic goals with set time frames "Not Get Rich Quick"  I am willing to listen and learn about them!