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Published on 3/25/2020 additional information available

Did Humanity Need A Pandemic to Remind Us of the Sovereignty of Life?

# natural world
# healthy ecosystem
# healthy planet
# COVID-19
# Flu

Did humanity need a pandemic to remind them of the need to care for each other? Furthermore, we need to be taking much better care of our precious natural world. Humanity needs to ensure a healthy planet and healthy wild ecosystem and remember conservation is not a local issue. Whatever we do to protect our species and ecosystems – and don’t do – will have global implications.

We need to demonstrate great care in our unwavering support for saving wild animals in their habitats. We need to stand united in this work and this passion.  We need to nurture this amazing conservation community. We need to put special content on social media and also host conversations on social media so that we can interact and ask questions and share our ideas. I hope that we will stay connected and continue to lend strength to each other.  

It’s not enough to simply save the land from development. We need to include property stewardship — protecting and caring for the scenic, historic, and ecological treasures of land and all forms of life while providing cohabitation for humans and animals.

I know that together we will weather this storm. And once we do, let us redouble our resolve to ensure a safe and healthy future for the community, the ecosystem, and for humanity itself. 

Stay Strong. Stay Focused. Stay Calm. 

'Together We are Strong as a Tribe.'' ~Ana Hawk

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