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Published on 9/11/2019 additional information available

I need your Heart not your hands

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I need your Heart not your Hands, yes, i need your heart not your hands, sometimes what you hold in your hands to give to me is not what you have in your heart. I need your heart please, don't give me anything that will not come from your heart. Your heart is what i needed instead of your hands, if your heart is not good, your hands will not be good as well.

It is not the hands that is giving a gift to you that matters, but the heart, i wouldn't want anyone to give me something that doesn't come from their heart, that will be amounted to giving me a poison instead of a gift. When we want to give, we should give cheerfully from our heart and not from our hands, if your heart doesn't agree with your hands, whatever you are giving is a waste of time and the person that is receiving from you, is just receiving nothing but an empty gift.

When we give with our heart, we are giving with love and when we give with love, the receiver, i mean the person we gave to, will enjoy all the atmosphere of the gifts. A cheerful giver, is a lovely giver and a lovely giver, is a peaceful giver.

Don't give people what your heart is not accompanied, your heart and your hands must work together whenever you are giving out a gift to someone, and when both worked together, you will be blessed and highly favored by God and man in Jesus name.

Thank you so very much for reading from me today, please i would like to introduce what has been a blessings to me, because i would like you to be blessed financially just like i am, please click here now, and click where it says GET STARTED. if you need any help, please contact me and i will guide you through; God bless you real good.


Sunny Dominion.


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